Heavengifts’ Global Anti-Counterfeiting Efforts: Expanding Cooperation and Enforcing Law to Eliminate 229 Targets

Heavengifts is actively collaborating with various stakeholders to combat the global production, sale, and illegal trade of counterfeit electronic vapor products, including trademark infringement.

On April 26, coinciding with World Intellectual Property Day, Heavengifts disclosed its progress in the global fight against counterfeiting and the management of illegal trade. Since June 2021, the company has worked with local law enforcement and regulatory bodies across China to shut down 229 counterfeit production and sales targets. Globally, Heavengifts has engaged in lawsuits against trademark infringements and efforts to identify counterfeit goods in retail channels, protecting consumer rights and upholding the brand’s reputation and the healthy development of the industry.

Collaborative Efforts with Domestic Law Enforcement

Since mid-2021, Heavengifts has been collaborating with public security and regulatory bodies within China to combat targets involved in the production and sale of counterfeit vapor products. To date, the company has assisted law enforcement in shutting down 229 businesses involved in these illegal activities, including counterfeit factories, warehouses, traders, and logistics companies, and seized millions of counterfeit products from brands like ELFBAR, EBDESIGN, and LOST MARY.

International Actions and Legal Measures

Globally, Heavengifts’ leading brands, ELFBAR and LOST MARY, have initiated actions with regulatory and intellectual property authorities in various markets, including the UK, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the UAE, intensifying efforts against counterfeit and illegal products.

In the UK, ELFBAR and LOST MARY support initiatives launched by the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) and the Scottish Grocers’ Federation (SGF), in collaboration with the anti-piracy organization FACT, to raise public awareness about illegal vapor products and encourage reporting through channels like Crimestoppers.

Legal Victories and Ongoing Enforcement

To date, Heavengifts has received 75 effective criminal judgment documents in China, with 181 individuals sentenced for IP infringement. The harshest sentence has been eight years in prison with a fine up to 2.2 million yuan. Additionally, the company has successfully filed 24 domain arbitration cases regarding domain and website infringements, winning all cases.

Strengthening Supervision and Expanding Global Law Enforcement Cooperation

Heavengifts is advocating for a retail license system in the UK market to ensure that retailers are legally authorized to sell vapor products. In Southeast Asia, law enforcement actions have become more urgent. For example, in October 2023, authorities in Binh City, Vietnam, seized and destroyed over 103,000 counterfeit vapor products, including 97,000 fake ELFBARs. Since May 2023, ELFBAR has reiterated its position to stop supplying products to the US, leaving a gap that counterfeiters have exploited.

Final Thoughts

As Heavengifts continues its collaboration with global regulatory bodies to promote fair market practices, Victor Xiao encourages adult consumers to purchase from legitimate sources and carefully verify products before buying. Heavengifts calls on the global electronic vapor industry to unite and adopt more effective measures to combat counterfeit production and illegal trade, promoting a healthy and orderly industry development.


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