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Let’s introduce some vape juice today after so many devices,

Currently on the e juice market, e juice suitable for mouth-to-lung and light direct-to-lung becomes less and less. And there are very few new vape juice that touches people’s hearts.

Everyone knows the best products of old brands. While everyone has his or her own preference, there are always leaders in the e juice market.

Today, Captain Dirty came to recommend a good e-liquid.


The product manufacturer is HNL, yes, I have not directly contacted the owner of the brand,

Then let’s call this brand “hard-working“.

Today’s e-liquid should be the first vape juice from “hard-working”, it’s “LYCHEE BREEZE“.

It’s still because their manager can’t be contacted, so the Captain Dirty called it “Qingfeng Litchi” here.

The most mysterious thing is that its perfumer is also a mysterious person, this is really…

HNL LYCHEE BREEZE e-liquid review


Nicotine content: 3mg/6mg (optional)
E-liquid capacity: 60mL


Gorilla’s 60ML e-liquid bottle,

It feels solid when you get it,

The cover design is OK,

It’s just that there is a problem with printing,

Fuzzy printing of fonts will make consumers feel bad at first glance,

Hope it could be improved later.

HNL LYCHEE BREEZE e-liquid review

User experience

Because I bought here is 6mg,
So the shared data is prone to mouth-to-lung and slightly direct-to-lung.

HNL LYCHEE BREEZE e-liquid review


Device: Fumytech 40TC box / Vaporesso GTX ONE

Atomizer: Pioneer RTA / Vaporesso GTX ONE finished nebulizer

Data reference:

1.2ohm ni80 28ga (Pioneer RTA)
0.84ohm ni80 28ga (Pioneer RTA)

Finished core 1.2ohm and 0.8ohm (GTX atomizer)

HNL LYCHEE BREEZE e-liquid review


First of all, it’s my first impression that I don’t want to use e-liquids from China,

The dirty team is not saying that China vape juice is not good,

It’s just that most of the China e-liquid is basically playing around,

Understand me?

There are really few brands like “Hard-Working” to make a serious e-liquid,

The quality of this e-liquid is particularly obviously good and nice

This “LYCHEE BREEZE” is cool,

There is a cooling agent, not menthol,

The second is the degree of fidelity of e-liquid,

Litchi is a good flavor, but it’s not easy to produce,

You can take a look at some similar litchi e-liquid on the market, they are fake flavors on litchi,

While, this e-liquid can really achieve the feeling of litchi.

No joke, only “Hard-working” made this.

Let’s elaborate,

Are the litchis that everyone usually vapes sweet lychees?

And they ignore the sweet and sour taste of the litchi pulp, and finally feel astringent,

Captain Dirty talked about fruit acid very early,

Holy shit, the first product that realized this feeling was “LYCHEE BREEZE

But there are also regrets that the feeling of astringency in the end is not well reflected

HNL LYCHEE BREEZE e-liquid review


It is basically difficult to find such quality e-liquid in China,

I hope everyone will not be too critical to judge it,

But what Captain Dirty can guarantee is,

This vape juice will make you taste different lychee flavors,

It’s like very fresh litchi,

Then enjoy it slowly, take your time.

It is a pity that Captain currently does not know the basic information of this “Hard-Working”.

It is indeed quite mysterious, I hope the producer can see this and communicate with me in time,

It’s not that there is no vape juice in China, but the big guys are all failing to do a good job.

China doesn’t lack good vape oil, but the craftsman is too quiet.

Captain Dirty fall in love with this vape juice deeply, it’s also worth trying for other true vapers.

Where to buy HNL LYCHEE BREEZE e-liquid: Contact the author

HNL LYCHEE BREEZE e-liquid reviewHNL LYCHEE BREEZE e-liquid review HNL LYCHEE BREEZE e-liquid review HNL LYCHEE BREEZE e-liquid review

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