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Horizon Aquila Tank design
Horizon Aquila Tank structure
Horizon Aquila Tank performance
Horizon Aquila Tank price
Horizon Aquila Tank experience

Such Aquila Tank is really worth trying for its mechanical lever design and good vaping performance.

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Hello, DirtyCheck fans, Captain Dirty is back.
What I bring to you today is Horizon’s latest Aquila Tank
Friends who are familiar with the Horizon brand must not be unfamiliar with it.
Horizon has indeed produced a lot of excellent products in the past two years.
Now let’s take a look at the performance of this new Aquila Tank

Horizon Aquila Tank at a glance

Aquila Tank features 3.5ml/5ml e-juice capacity and easy top filling system. It applies bamboo cotton to bring you clean, pure and consistent vaping experience. Aquila Tank is designed with encircle dual mesh coil structure that can enhance its core control level to excite larger cloud and stronger flavor. It also features the parallel quadruple mesh coil structure to improve the contact area between coil and e-juice. By adopting the one-click spring-loaded design, it is easy to refill. In addition, the updraft rising airflow design can perfectly match with the E2 & P4 Coil structure to maximize smoothness sensation and intensify the cloud density. The plug-in-out changing method also makes the coil replacement easy.

Horizon Aquila Tank review

Horizon Aquila Tank parameters/ specifications


Capacity:5ml/3.5ml (3.5ml glass tube included in the package)

Filling:Top filling

Airflow:Updraft rising airflow


E2 Dual Mesh Coil 0.16Ω (60-70W)

P4 Quad Mesh Coil 0.14Ω (60-70W)

Color:Blue, Black, Gunmetal, SS, Rainbow

Horizon Aquila Tank review

Horizon Aquila Tank highlights

  1. Bamboo with antimicrobial properties to maintain coil stability
  2. Adopts organic bamboo cotton
  3. Encircle dual mesh coil structure
  4. Parallel quadruple mesh coil structure
  5. One-click spring-loaded design
  6. Adopts updraft rising airflow
  7. Plug-in-out coil replacement
  8. 3.5ml/5ml capacity, easy top filling

Horizon Aquila Tank review

Horizon Aquila Tank package content

1* Horizon Aqulia Tank 5ml
1* Pre-installed Coil: E2 Dual Mesh Coil 0.16Ω (60-70W)
1* Spare Coil: P4 Quad Mesh Coil 0.14Ω (60-70W)
1* Spare O-rings
1* Replacement Glass (3.5ml)
1* User Manual

Horizon Aquila Tank review

Horizon Aquila Tank hands-on

Appearance design
1. The appearance is full of mechanical elements, in line with the aesthetics of performance monsters, and it is also better to match the equipment
2. The small design of oil filling is very brilliant. In addition to the short service life of conventional sliding cover oil filling, a new lock design is added.

Horizon Aquila Tank review

3. The drip tip comes with good thermal insulation, but lacks personalized matching
4. There are five colors on the TANK colors, which are more comprehensive in terms of applicability and matching.
5. The air intake design is slightly insufficient, but it can meet the needs of air intake, but the taste adaptability is relatively limited
6. The disadvantage is that the glue on the base will be attached to the base of the atomizer, which is difficult to clean.

Horizon Aquila Tank review

Product performance

1. Whether it is the performance of P4 Coil or E2 Coil, it is very capable and excellent
2. There will be more or less condensate, but the overall control is very good, which is due to its structural design
3. Compared with EZ Coil, Captain prefers the dual experience brought by P4 Coil,
Sustained stability of soft taste and continuous outstanding output
4. In terms of taste restoration, Captain recommends using 0mg or 3mg of fruit juice to experience it. The type of dessert should be carefully selected. The vaping of desserts is too greasy and very sweet.

Horizon Aquila Tank review


Captain gives it 80 points out of 100 for its overall performance. The mechanical lever in the design is undoubtedly a plus point for the overall appearance.
Excellent adaptability also satisfies the player to the greatest extent. It can be used for any combination, and it is a very good combination.
In terms of performance, it inherits the unique explosive power and vaping ability of a Horizon family.
Captain has repeatedly measured its condensation situation. I can only say that it is really excellent.
The drawing experience is relatively smooth and comfortable, which brings a typical good Horizon feeling.
Such Aquila Tank is really worth trying, fans and friends
Okay, Vape how we roll
All in truetoy, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time

Where to buy Horizon Aquila Tank @$36.99

Horizon Aquila Tank review

Captain Dirty

Captain Dirty Ciao, an independent reviewer in the active vaping circle. The brands he has cooperated with include ASVAPE、OZside、ASMODUS、BDVAPE、FlashHeart…… Rap style slogan: "Vape how we roll, all in Truetoy." [Email: [email protected]. Wechat account: CiaoHeung Instagram: captaindirty.vape] DISCLAIMER
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