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HorizonTech FalconLegend sub ohm tank review: beginner’s best choice

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HorizonTech is known for producing atomizers primarily focused on tank types for novice vapers. Over the past two years, they have achieved impressive results in the novice field, with tanks like Sakerz Tank and Aquila Tank providing great experiences for vapers. Today, Captain brings you the latest offering from HorizonTech, the FalconLegend Tank. Let’s look forward to its performance!

FalconLegend tank introduction

Introducing the highly anticipated HorizonTech Falcon Legend Tank, the latest addition to the impressive Falcon series! This tank is designed to be compatible with all Falcon M8 and F series coils, as well as two new and innovative coil structures: M6 and M8. With a total of 10 coil models that are compatible with Falcon Legend, these 2 new coils aim to withstand high temperatures and expertly control flavor performance, resulting in a smoother and purer taste. M6 and M8 utilize parallel grid tube-shaped integrated mesh coil technology to further improve closed-loop heating, providing fuller and softer vapor volume and a longer service life. Available in five stylish colors (Black, Gun, Legend, Tank, metal SS, Blue, and Rain), the Falcon Legend Tank offers the ultimate choice for a premium vaping experience.

HorizonTech FalconLegend tank review

HorizonTech FalconLegend tank review

HorizonTech FalconLegend tank review

HorizonTech FalconLegend tank review

#DirtyCheck (Captain’s Personal Opinion)

1. The craftsmanship remains tight, with attention to detail that is well executed. In terms of design, there is room for further breakthroughs to truly make it legendary, such as the choice of drip tip material and the design of the airflow holes. I believe these are elements that this atomizer needs.

2. What surprised me are the newly released M series coils. Overall, their performance is praiseworthy, especially the comfortable experience provided by the M6 coil. It delivers delicate vapor production with a satisfying amount. However, I don’t recommend using overly sweet e-juices as they can cause tooth decay, haha. As for the M8 coil, it perfectly combines vapor production and intensity, making it an excellent tool for cloud-chasers. Additionally, the Falcon Legend Tank’s compatibility with all Falcon M&F series coils is highly user-friendly, allowing you to choose the coil that suits your preferences.

3. The tank’s e-liquid capacity performs well, with two options available: 5mL and 3.5mL, which is a standard configuration.

4. In terms of the vaping experience, it offers a smooth, seamless, and stable draw. These qualities have been the most evident features of HorizonTech’s products in the past year or two. Without a doubt, a product’s functionality is essential, and I can confidently say that during my week-long experience, there were no issues such as oil leakage or popping. The condensation performance also meets industry standards. It’s safe to say that it sets the benchmark in this regard.

HorizonTech FalconLegend tank review

HorizonTech FalconLegend tank review


The HorizonTech Falcon Legend Tank is undoubtedly a qualified product. However, it may not fully meet the expectations of advanced vapers. Firstly, the design still requires improvement, including the materials, overall design style, and special treatment of the airflow holes mentioned in the article. The craftsmanship and vaping experience provide an accurate feeling. It’s a beginner-friendly tank that combines performance and flavor resolution. In my opinion, it’s a must-have for novice vapers.

Alright, vape how we roll! All in Truetoy. This is your Captain Dirty. See you in the next edition.

Where to buy Horizontech Falcon Legend Sub Ohm Tank

HorizonTech FalconLegend tank review

HorizonTech FalconLegend tank review

FalconLegend tank workmanship
FalconLegend tank design
FalconLegend tank experience
FalconLegend tank vaping performance
FalconLegend tank price

FalconLegend tank is a beginner-friendly tank that combines performance and flavor resolution. In my opinion, it's a must-have for novice vapers.

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