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How to Clean Your Gnarly Weed Vape the Right Way

Vape hitting a bit different? That may not be a good thing, and could be a signal for you to clean it.

No matter how much you spent on a weed vaporizers, proper maintenance and cleaning is vital to make sure you’re getting full-flavored, full-powered hits every time. Plus, cleaning your device makes it last longer, and you won’t have to replace parts, or the vape itself, as often.

Luckily getting your vape clean isn’t very hard — as long as you know what you’re doing. Keeping that thing free of grime will have you set for the foreseeable future. Here’s how to clean your dirty ass weed vape.

Step 1: Completely disassemble your vape

Every vape is built a little different, so consult with your vape’s manual to make sure you’re taking everything apart without destroying the thing. It’s a tedious step, but you can’t just try to clean the visible pieces of your vape, otherwise you’ll miss all the built-up and hidden nastiness.

Step 2: Get to cleaning!

Again, you’ll have to consult your manual for this, but it’s vital to avoid damaging any of your vape’s parts. Get rid of any visible debris whether it’s used-up bud or excess oil. Most of your vape’s small parts will be OK to soak in water, water with a few drops of dish soap or diluted rubbing alcohol (Read. Your. Manual), and use a cotton swab to loosen, scrub and wipe away visible gunk. It’s common to use a water and lemon juice solution as needed, too, if plain old water isn’t doing the trick of you don’t have rubbing alcohol on hand. Some vapes will come with a small brush (the ones used to clean hair clippers) which can be extremely useful when cleaning dry herb vapes.

Step 3: Rinse everything

Have you ever vaporized rubbing alcohol and pulled it into your lungs? Me neither, and it’s probably best to leave that stone unturned. Once you’ve cleared the tank, heating chamber, mouth piece, heating element or whatever other parts your particular vape is made with, give it a wash. If you’ve used any cleaning solutions beyond water at all, this is a necessary step.

Step 4: Dry everything

Dry everything with a paper towel so no metal parts get rusty. Before you put your vape together, you’ll need to make sure everything is fully dry lest you run the risk of ruining your device. Water sitting around inside a freshly cleaned vape is a quick way to ensure you’ll be taking it apart again very soon.

Step 5: Take a hit

Once everything is clean, and your vape is whole again — power up, and enjoy clean hits.

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