ifeeling O Series new product launch is held in Beijing

The new product launch conference of the ifeeling O Series was held in Beijing on August 3, 2019. “O” series, as the first electronic atomizer product of ifeeling brand, is officially put on the market, which marks that Shenzhen Yinwei Science and Technology Co., Ltd. officially entered the electronic atomizer market.

ifeeling O

The launch of the ifeeling O series products has brought new vitality to the electronic atomizer market. While stirring up the overall situation of capital, it promotes another change in the electronic atomizer market. With the constant standardization of the electronic atomizer market, some relatively inferior products are doomed to be eliminated. The situation of consumers’preference will only enhance the better products, and ifeeling’s entering the market at this time is by no means “instant will”.

ifeeling O

Strong financial support, mature sales channels, excellent R&D team and an enterprising heart are all the advantages and sources of confidence that ifeeling relies on. Previously, the industry hearsay that “one hundred million yuan of financing of ifeeling” has been inspiring, and the release of the “O” series of products presented on the scene, regardless of the production process to the actual experience, users can feel ifeeling’s persistence and pursuit of products.

ifeeling O

Tang Yanhua, Chief Executive Officer of Shenzhen Yinwei Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the products at the press conference, saying, “ifeeling O series products adopt extreme aluminium oxide and radium carving technology to create the main appearance, with micro-porous ceramic atomizing core inside; and high-quality food-grade PCTG material is used in the mouthpiece. These “cross-level” material choices give this disposable electronic cigarette an excellent appearance and taste, which is the origin of O series products in pursuit of the best experience of consumer health while relieving the addiction of the users.

ifeeling O

“O” series, as the first product of Yinwei ifeeling, is defined as “Original”. It is not difficult to see the high expectations of Fenwei team for this product. At this conference, six flavors were introduced, named “Ice Rod Seal”, “Mung Bean Story”, “Blueberry Night”, “Frozen Grapefruit”, “Absolute Zero” and “Temptation of Flue-cured Tobacco”.

Among them, “ice-lolly memory” made the participants feel quite fresh. For this reason, Zheng Guodong, Chief Marketing Officer of Fanwei Science and Technology, was specifically asked. He said, “In half a year, we have conducted a lot of user research, and every taste has been debugged thousands of times before it was determined; especially this”ice-lolly memory”with”young taste”. Let’s experience together the feeling of “returning to childhood and reappearing the good old days”.

ifeeling O

Many of the guests attended the conference have been concerned about the electronic nebulizer industry for a long time. They expressed great interest and willingness to cooperate with the ifeeling O Junxin series products. Many pre-purchase contracts were signed on the spot before the signing desk prepared by the organizer. At the press conference, Tang Yanhua also revealed that after the “O” series, the “Y” and “U” series of products will be introduced to the market in the year, thus completing the brand concept of “for you” and building a complete product layout.

ifeeling O

With the flavor of “craftsman’s heart, devotion to creation”, ifeeling has emerged strong in front of the huge market. This O series will bring about changes in the chaotic electronic atomizer market, which will affect geometry; what surprises “O” series products, as the “questioning stone” of ifeeling brand, can bring to you in the end, let’s wait and see.

ifeeling Oifeeling O


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