iLAX is on sales today – PD oil e-liquid + Dazzling shell = Unprecedented user experience

At the launch of the iLAX conference on May 20, someone proposed to buy immediately, which is not uncommon at the e-cigarette launch conference. However, from the first show to the sale on JD flagship shop, iLAX only took 22 days. The three-week span from debut to sales is rare in the e-cigarette industry.

Some iLAX internal employees revealed that after the conference, the device and oil have already been able to be sold, and the whole team has been in a state of excitement but calmness. Then, iLAX sent out 1,000 devices and countless e-liquids in 22 days.

“The 1000 devices are both seeds and primers,” said the staff. “The seeds are broadcast in the hearts of all kinds of users for flowering; and the introduction leads iLAX in 22 days, following this proper sample to go ahead or even just take a small step.”

ilax oil

Something looks pleasant

As an e-cigarette with the label of the HMI Group, the release of the iLAX brand has touched people’s curiosity – is there an industrial cannabis ingredient inside? Can you export overseas? What new things can be brought to the e-cigar industry?

And when iLAX is in front of the world, the biggest new thing seems to be clear – “It looks rather good.”

The breakthrough of iLAX in appearance is the use of streamer glass as the device shell. Compared with die-casting alloy and aluminum extruded shell, it has scored a “differentiation” in the game of eyes.

ilax oil

According to the published polymer engineering material data, the 3D glass shell used for iLAX is formed by hot bending once, which requires 21 processes from CNC cutting to silk screen printing and sealing explosion-proof film, and the cost exceeds 120% of the aluminum extruded electronic cigarette shell. In the Chinese e-cigarette market, where the price sensitivity is relatively high and the factory brands mostly emphasize fast pace, it is undoubtedly a dangerous move.

However, it cannot be denied that in the current fierce competition, the product apperance has no doubt to be an important factor that cannot be avoided in marketing.

ilax oil

A sales person in charge of a well-known domestic fast-comsumering enterprise only said one word after seeing iLAX, “Most vape will be made like this one day sooner or later.”

As to 3C products such as mobile phones and computers, homes, clothing, games, and short videos, global consumers are eager for new think and abondon the old-fashioned products faster. Curiosity, enthusiasm for new things, and even some picky tastes, all are accompanied by an increase in purchasing ability. – Mobile phone back, game skin, live video anchors… Everything will lead to the discussion of the appearance eventually.

Back to the topic of vapes, after a long-term dream realizing for the tens of billions dollar European and American markets, South China has made the “big thing” of pod system production into an exquisite art, and the innovation of “from the inside to outside” creed is being subverted. As the technical barriers inside continue to diminish, industrial design and innovation are becoming the “post-development advantage” of the iLAX factory brand – they understand consumers more for being late.

ilax oil

Ambitious new vape class

new vape

Aiming to the “picky” of consumers, iLAX has a slogan as “new vape class”. And there is a breakthrough in the new-value-added significance to the vape brand – PD oil e-liquid under the dazzling skin.

At the brand launch conference on May 20th, iLAX announced for the first time that it will launch the e-liquid iOil based on PD oil. In general, it is PG (1,2 propanediol) which is a mixture of components such as vape juice essence and vegetable glycerin. In contrast, the role of the iOil mixed base fluid is dominated by PD (bio-based propylene glycol), an e-liquid component that is rare in China even in the world.

ilax ioil

In the United States, where e-cigarette products and culture are more mature, Five Pawns is the leader in the production of PD e-liquid – natural grain fermentation, biologically injectable and high resolution are the tags of it. It is widely speculated that iLAX is able to launch the first PD pod vape juice in China, which is most likely to be achieved through the team of HMI Group Biotechnology with overseas background, which overcomes the difficulties in preparing PD oil.

In addition, the iLAX technical team stated at the time of the launch of the brand in late May publicly that the flavor of iOil will no longer stay in the stage of physical mixing of ordinary tobacco and oil, but by extracting and synthesizing the molecular level of the essence, reaching the experience level of one time inhalation with multi-layer. The two iOil series of e-liquids on the shelves are all intentionally mixed flavors, which basically proves the iLAX’s differentiated product ideas.

It is worth mentioning that in the previous report of the First Financial News, the iLAX team said that the independent brand e-liquid iOil is applying for the ECTA (Electronic Cigarette Trade Association) for North America which is recognized worldwide. While the EA (Enthalpy Analytical) test seems to be prepared to challenge the overseas high-end e-liquid market.

ilax ioil


No matter how much the previous investment has it acquired or ingenious effort has been spared, every product is equal at the beginning of the online sale. Stylish appearance and PD oil are entering the game as the breaker’s attitude. Whether it will become the next winner in this market eventually, depends on every small step it moves later.

Where to buy iLAX & iOil

HMI hemp company official site


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