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With the introduction of the online ban, the friends in the vape industry are shocked. Today, there are many friends in the industry who continue to change careers or find another way out. In such an environment, it really brings cold winter to the whole industry. However, there are still some good products launched recently. Today, the author brings you a product with both a beautiful look and outstanding performance. InsPro, a new product brought by Shenzhen VAPES Technology Co., Ltd., let’s check it out.

InsPro review - VAPESInsPro review - VAPES

Got to say that I really like this ultra-simple, black-and-white, highly layered packaging method. In the front side, a small device with an elegant appearance emerges, and the warning that minors are prohibited from buying and using the language is in the most prominent position, which fully reflects the manufacturer’s determination to protect minors. The back of the package is detailed with product information.
Device * 1
Pods * 3
USB * 1
Manual, certificate of conformity * 1

InsPro review - VAPES

The inside of the package is also relatively delicate. The molded cardboard is very NICE. Looking at it, it feels very brilliant. The author couldn’t wait to remove the device from the right side of the three pods, and play it in hand for a while. Tell it like it is, it feels good. What I appreciate most is the manual in Chinese, which comprehensively interpreting all the information of the device, and it is extremely important that the manufacturers have printed the test reports of each tester in the instructions, which fully reflects the manufacturers’ full confidence in product safety and strict control of the products. Thumb up for the manufacturer. The three pods inside the kit are Mr. Nut, Ice Mint, and Crystal Grape. I would also like to thank the manufacturer for the three additional flavors of litchi beauty, pink peach, and 8424 watermelon. What’s the inside of such a beautifully packaged product, let’s continue to check it out together.

InsPro review - VAPESInsPro review - VAPES

The battery capacity of 400 mAh can basically meet the needs of 1 to 2 days. The exterior is made of aluminum alloy and anodized, which is soft and smooth to the touch. The most interesting thing is that the letter I of InsPro, which is completely designed as a breathing light, is quite interesting. However, it is a pity that the installation of the breathing lamp received by me was slightly uneven. After consulting the manufacturer, the fact was that this was a chance that there was one defect product like this in a thousand. And I had to admire myself luck, haha. Am I the legendary Emperor Oulu who is one of the legends?

Due to the addition of a vibration motor, when the cartridge is inserted into the device, there will be a very obvious vibration prompt, which is also very good. Although the magnetic connection method is very mature, a vibration prompt is added, The user experience has gone up a level. In the process of my vaping, I also found that this vibration motor will also have a vibration prompt when you reach the 10th vaping time. Friends who have smoked cigarettes may know that a cigarette requires about 12 puffs from ignition to completion. Then this device added warnings of one vibration after 10 times of vaping, which is to tell everyone that when it vibrates, it means that you have smoked almost one cigarette. We should also be praise the manufacturer and designer for the caring point.

InsPro review - VAPES

With a capacity of 1.5 ml, the material of the PCTG food-grade e-liquid tank guarantees health. The ceramic core and Kanger heating wire provide a delicate texture. It can also be seen from the above figure that there is a plum blossom shape airhole at the bottom of the pod, so that the air can be dispersed during the vaping, so as to achieve a balanced distribution, which is also designed for a soft taste. And the quality of InsPro’s e-liquid is also good, the feeling is as follows:

Mr. Nuts: The fragrant butter mixes the aromas of various nuts, and the mellow tobacco is added to it. It is fragrant but not greasy, and has a moderate throat hit. I’m conquered by Mr.Nut, it really works.
Ice Mint: This vape juice is just as its name suggests, and it’s very comfortable. Unlike the heartbreaking heart of the severe green arrow, its coolness is gentle and considerate. It will not make you suddenly purple in cold, but it will slowly bring you a cold feeling. Quite interesting mint.

Crystal grapes: emmmm, from the smell of opening the capsule paper to the aftertaste in the mouth, please consciously line up, Master Kang Crystal grapes, bring you silky smooth. It’s really like that drink, but I personally think that it would be better if it could be a little bit sweeter.
Pink peach: how to say, it is not bad to vape, but it still lacks surprise. The faint scent of peach still needs to wait for maturity before picking.

Litchi Beauty: Eighty miles away in ancient times, I only rushed for a smile(a story in ancient China), but today I have a flavor for only one bite of litchi. To be honest, this litchi is the litchi I think can be ranked first. Sweet and refreshing, without too much flavor, it is like eating fresh lychee with a little coolness, which is good for vaping.

8424 watermelon: This is an individually packaged cartridge. At that time, I was thinking, why is there only one, until the moment when the capsule paper is torn open, when the peel mixed with the flavour of the watermelon comes out, I understand, perhaps only in this way can people notice it and taste it. I didn’t understand why it was named 8424, but I know that this pod is really good to vape. The coolness is mixed with the scent of melon peel and melon. It has the fragrance and exhales richness, but it makes me feel a bit sorry that, this sweetness is not enough, there is no such full satisfaction.

Hundreds of people have hundreds of preferences, maybe my feelings can not meet the taste requirements of everyone. In general, InsPro is indeed a relatively good product, whether it is workmanship, or the quality of e-liquid, it is fairly good. But the details of the assembly, the development of the flavor of the cartridge, these are problems. No one is perfect, and there is no such perfect product. Only with a heart can we progress. Looking forward to the manufacturer bringing us more quality products.

The above is a detailed experience of me for InsPro, personal views, please do not criticize me if you don’t like. Thank you all, see you next time.

Where to buy – Add Wechat account: wxid_cemmw1ors0mm22

InsPro overall experience

InsPro is indeed a relatively good product, whether it is workmanship, or the quality of e-liquid, it is fairly good. But the details of the assembly, the development of the flavor of the cartridge, these are problems. No one is perfect, and there is no such perfect product.

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