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Introduce The Top 10 Elux Flavours

Whether you’re looking to experience the juicy taste of fruit, the chilly notes of menthol, or decadent dessert notes in your vape – you’re in luck. Our Top Ten Elux Vapes guide is the best place to start, featuring our favourite flavours from this growing range all in one place.We’ll be taking you through what we think are some of the best flavours from disposable vape ranges, to provide an overview of their expansive range and give you an idea of what might become your next favourite blend. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Gummy Bear Elux Legend Mini

If you’re a vaper with a sweet tooth, then the Gummy Bear Elux Legend Mini disposable vape should be right up your street. It features the fruity flavour of classic gummy bear candy from start to finish, with sugary notes present from inhale to exhale. The 20mg nic salt e-liquid will deliver a smoother throat hit than standard freebase nicotine and is absorbed by the body faster for quick satisfaction.

Vanilla Ice Cream Elux Bar 600

Introduce The Top 10 Elux Flavours

If you’re after something equally sweet but on the more indulgent side of things, then the Vanilla Ice Cream Elux Bar should hit the spot. The rich, decadent flavour of vanilla is featured throughout and is complemented by the coolness of ice cream. The creamy notes combined with the smooth throat hit of the salt nicotine delivers a uniquely silky vape that emulates the flavour of vanilla ice cream flawlessly.

Fresh Mint Elux Legend Mini

Maybe you don’t have as much as a sweet tooth and you’d prefer something a bit cooler? If so, the Fresh Mint Elux Legend Mini disposable vape might be what you’re looking for. This simple, fresh-tasting flavour pretty much does exactly what you’d expect. Cool, minty notes run throughout, from start to finish.

Blueberry Raspberry Elux Legend Mini

Introduce The Top 10 Elux Flavours

The combination of blueberry and raspberry is a flavour that has stood the test of time and it’s easy to see why. This take on the blend definitely doesn’t disappoint, The Blueberry Raspberry Elux Legend Mini pairs a duo of juicy-tasting berries and delivers a balanced vape. The sweetness of blueberry is complemented perfectly by the tangier notes of raspberry on exhale. Ideal if you’re looking for a classic fruit flavour, there’s a reason it’s a favourite among so many vapers.

Strawberry Grape Elux Legend Mini

Delivering a sweet and tart taste with each puff, the bold taste of purple grapes always seems to be a firm favourite among vapers. Combine this with the sweetness of juicy strawberries and you have something really special. If you’re looking for a fruity flavour with a real punch, then look no further than the Strawberry Grape Elux Legend Mini. The sweet strawberry notes linger on exhale and balance the tartness of the grape.

Mr. Blue Elux Legend Mini

Fancy a frosty fruit fusion? Something that complements a bold, juicy-tasting flavour with cool notes? In which case, the Mr Blue Elux Bar 600 is a must try! The sweet, juicy taste of a medley of mixed berries is cooled down on exhale by a chilly burst of icy menthol. The combination of bold fruitiness and a cold endnote delivers a unique and balanced vape.

Tiger Blood Elux Legend Mini

Let’s talk about another soda blend. In this one, the sweet yet tangy taste of mixed fruits is fused with fizzy soda to create the Tiger Blood Elux bar. Delivering a bold vape, Elux has cooled it down with the added menthol notes that recreate the taste and chilling sensation of ice cubes in your drink or grabbing a can straight out of the fridge.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Elux Legend Mini

Channeling the punchy flavour of pineapple into every puff, this is one tropical fruit vape that’ll make you sit up and take notice! We’re big fans of sweet vapes, but there’s something about the tangy taste of the Pineapple Lost Mary that makes it a real all-day vape. There are no extra elements here, forget about ice, candy, and even other fruits — this flavour is so bold it stands up on its own. Bringing a juicy taste to the exhale, this blend is quickly becoming a best-seller and pretty much demands your attention!

Banana Pudding Elux Legend Mini

Introduce The Top 10 Elux Flavours

Let’s finish things off with a dessert flavour. The Banana Pudding Elux Legend Mini is a distinctively decadent blend that pairs the fruity sweetness of freshly-ripened bananas with the warm notes of pastry and a drizzle of rich, creamy vanilla custard for good measure. It doesn’t get much more indulgent than this.


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