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It’s Chinese New Year right away. Captain Dirty is here to share with you some e-liquid that’s really good to vape. Today’s protagonist is the many flavors of JAGO Juices, there must be one that is more suitable for you. Why recommend New Zealand’s e-liquid, and you’ll know after reading Captain Dirty’s review.

JAGO juices review

Product Introduction
JAGO juices
A niche e-liquid from New Zealand, introduced by China’s ZixuanVape, has a deep taste in the mouth and light direct-to-lung in a short time. The product was in short supply and was a super-phenomenal e-liquid.
The top of the package is a black bottle with a white background and a white subtitles. Captain Dirty have to critize that the outer packaging looks cheaper. Below the bottle is the logo of the Chinese agent, zixuanVape.

JAGO juices review

The nicotine content of e-liquid oil is divided into 2mg and 6mg. Here, 2mg and 6mg are a sufficient amount of 6, so it can be understood as the content of 4mg and 8mg.

JAGO juices review

In terms of taste, Captain Dirty would mention a few relatively popular brands, although Jago stocks of all flavors have been grabbed by customers and sold out, ha ha ha. Captain Dirty surveied a few popular tastes from his fan group.

Official reference flavors (9 tastes):

Red Velvet Cupcake、Coconut Macaroon

Flat White Coffee、Milk Tea、Custand Eclair

Exotic Breakfast、mango Tango、Tutti Frutti

Strawberry yoghurt

User Experience:

Red Velvet Cupcake

The sweetness of sweets, the perfect blend of cocoa and vanilla, topped with sweet cream cheese frosting, this innocent cupcake.

Captain Dirty: A kind of e-liquid that has a relatively popular among the player group. It is basically a representative e-liquid of Jago. Captain Dirty recommends 6mg here. It is felt by mouth-to-lung vaping device. The data varies from person to person. Friendly reminding: Fancy coil and high resistance will provide a nice experience. The feeling of Captain Dirty is the unique scent of red velvet cake, quite good on this oil. The flavor of cocoa is lacking or even doesn’t exist, but a friend of mine said there was. Captain Dirty thinks this is really delicate, our overall feeling is that you will not feel it too greasy vaping all the time, very pleasant dessert flavor e-liquid.

JAGO juices review

Custand Eclair

Crispy puffs, which are filled with a rich cream cake, and a small spoon of chocolate on it. The ultimate enjoyment of the dessert. It’s more than we can tell.
Fillers that really enrich our taste buds and affect our brains, butter, cream, silky, rich and delicious. This classic puff is simple and extreme, and delicious, the taste of the custard is a heavenly combination, these may just be our favorite gifts.

Captain Dirty: This puff juice ranks first in Captain Dirty’s heart. First of all, the sense of hierarchy is clear. The impact of butter and chocolate directly breaks the old girl’s heart, and the sweetness is very good. Of course, Captain Dirty in the dessert category is more inclined to inhale 6mg, thinking that the use of delicate air intake and excessive resistance will bring a pure experience to the feeling of dessert e-liquid.

Flat White Coffee

The perfect coffee mix with silky milk is a favorite among Europeans because they are delightful. Antipodeans like them so much.

Captain Dirty: People who like coffee can’t resist them, and people who don’t like coffee stay away. This will not change the influence of coffee in this era. As for this e-liquid, I think it’s a very wise choice to buy 2mg, because the feeling of direct-to-lungs is more direct. You don’t need to improve the hardware on the device to balance the taste. Vape directly. The overall feeling is comfortable and straightforward.

JAGO juices review

Exotic Breakfast

Don’t have a full breakfast experience yet? Take a look at the recipe we prepared for you, jackfruit, coconut juice, milk noodles, avocado slices and honey. How can you not love such an exotic breakfast? Now you close your eyes and want to be on an island with your feet touching on the white beach, feeling the morning sun on your face. It will surely awaken your taste buds.

Captain Dirty: Captain Dirty doesn’t really like this e-liquid, because it’s very controversial, a very extreme taste, people who like it a lot, often makes a purchase of a few bottles or even a dozen bottles. People who do not like it saying it’s the exhaled gas a bit like urine. With awkward thoughts, Captain Dirty still tried this e-liquid after all, first of all, 6mg is recommended. It feels like a bit of cereal, and ideal European breakfast style, nutritious and balanced, but the smell is really strange when exhaled.

JAGO juices review


Overall, the quality of the e-liquids of the JAGO series is very good. Whether the e-liquid is 2mg or 6mg, the sweetness is really well controlled, and the carbon deposit in the atomizer compartment is really very small. The taste is also relatively complete. I really recommend a few more bottles at a time because it is really uncomfortable to wait for one or two months after being robbed by others. I don’t think it’s necessary to recommend the flavor. Everyone likes it differently, but it ‘s true that this e-liquid has no highlights, you can try it. Chinese New Year is about to come, everyone hurry up and stock up, haha.

Where to buy Jago Juices

Vape how we roll,all in TrueToy.
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next year.

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JAGO Juices

The quality of the e-liquids of the JAGO series is very good

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