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Speaking of some imported vape juice in China, JAGO is undoubtedly the hottest at present. The quality and taste of its e-liquid make most vapers fall in love with it.
Today, Captain Dirty is releasing a special version of JAGO for everyone
War of Vape, referred to as WOV.

Not only is the flavor of vape juice updated, but also the taste is improved.

JAGO War of Vape e-juice details

This JAGO special edition has a total of 12 flavors,
3mg and 6mg 60mL packaging,
The flavors are
Of course, as a benign reviewer, Captain Dirty will definitely pick the best of them,
and share them with everyone.

JAGO War of Vape e-juice review

User experience

PS: Experience products are 6mg


This is the number one vape juice in the heart of the team
Let’s take a look at the official description first.

The winter dragon came, he spread his cold breath throughout the southern countries, giving the ultimate cooling.
Go for a juicy dragon fruit and a rich apple, milky silky cream and an ice cube.
This is the fragrance left after winter dragon’s death. For those looking for a new breath for summer, it’s simply the best option.

Settings: 0.88ohm fancy coil, 17w power

Vaping experience

Experience feelings:

Dragon fruit with the fragrance of apple comes with a very good fruit feeling,
The milky taste makes the mediocre fruity taste amazing,
The coolness is very good, not as cold as usual cold,
A little bit of coolness lift WINNER DRAGON vape juice up to a new level,
First recommendation.

JAGO War of Vape e-juice review


This is a favorite among fruit flavor vapers.

Official description

The most ideal dessert in summer,
The sweetness is well balanced with the sourness of raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and light sweet whipped cream.
Don’t miss the desserts from heaven,
This is a perfect dessert,
Imagine the light, fresh and tangible objects that melt in the mouth, so classic is very good.

The setting: 1.2ohm ni80 28ga, 14w power.

Vaping experience

This is a rare taste of e-liquid made from fruit vape juice acid,
The extreme combination of strawberries and berries maximizes the sourness of fruit,
It feels very rich in the mouth,
Because Captain really likes to vape e-liquid with fruit acid,
The little sweetness of milk is very suitable with the fragrant fruit acid,
There is a feeling of being very comfortable in the mouth,
It feels like the breakfast from top chefs,
Very good.

JAGO War of Vape e-juice review


Official description:

You have arrived at Dokokou Island.
The ocean is sapphire blue, fine sand touches feet, coconut trees are in front of you!
There is a businessman preparing these famous donuts,
It is stuffed with creamy vanilla custard and juicy pineapple and shredded coconut,
You will feel the generous cream on the palate and exude an exotic pineapple flavor,
In the end you will feel that this grated fresh coconut is finally melting,

The best settings: 0.92ohm SS316 28ga 11w power

Vaping experience:

The combination of coconut and pineapple is very mature,
But it’s hard for someone to make coconut flavor so fragrant,
It feels like fresh and sweet fruit pulp,
Pineapple’s astringency is also very good,
The intervention of the cake makes the whole taste less sweet and sour.
Very representative compound flavor of JAGO,
The taste should be considered as the top level e-juice in the compound dessert.

JAGO War of Vape e-juice review


Although this is a special edition, the taste, e-liquid quality are very good.
Whether it is the development of JAGO’s deliberate taste, or the accuracy control of vape juice quality.
As an ae-liquid export manufacturer, they all do very well.
12 flavors actually perform well
Captain Dirty just talks about the taste of the product that he feels particularly good.
As for the taste of some of the latter, I look forward to the new experience with Jago juice.
Unfortunately, the number of this special offer is very limited, many flavors are sold out.
Many friends are too late to experience, very sorry.
Also, JAGO’s pricing is very expensive in e-liquid.
Be careful in case buying some fake products.
Ok, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy JAGO War of Vape e-juice

JAGO War of Vape e-juice reviewJAGO War of Vape e-juice reviewJAGO War of Vape e-juice review JAGO War of Vape e-juice review

JAGO War of Vape e-juice quality
JAGO War of Vape e-juice flavor
JAGO War of Vape e-juice price
JAGO War of Vape e-juice taste

JAGO War of Vape e-juice is too expensive while it's experience is at the top level. Avoid this when you are in financial difficulty, or buy this for more joys in vaping.

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