JVE new vape product launch is held

Witness the new vape with anti-counterfeiting chips

On August 18th, JVE’s new product launch conference “Looking for Special Vapor J” was successfully held in Shenzhen Dunhill International Hotel. A number of industry experts, media, and distributors gathered on the spot to witness the great significance of JVE’s new differentiated products.

The theme of this time is the new product launch conference of “Looking for Special Vapor J”. JVE has released three new products. They are the colorful series, two new colors, high-level craftsmanship, they’re the industry milestone. There is also a strong anti-counterfeiting product – special vapor series.

JVE new vape

At the press conference, JVE Technology CEO Mr. Cai Shaodong, co-founder Mr. Li Chen, and channel director Mr. Li Zhenjie made speeches respectively.

Mr. Cai Shaodong introduced the JVE brand. JVE is the e-cigarette brand of Shenzhen JVE Technology Co., Ltd. JVE Technology is a trendy electronic cigarette company established in September 2019. At the beginning of its establishment, it took “promoting the healthy and orderly development of the industry” as its own responsibility. And in the production process, always implement this spirit. It’s determined to be an “aspiring young man”, use chip technology to raise the industry threshold, and achieve “aspiration to vape.”

JVE new vape

JVE does a good job of effective anti-counterfeiting of products, assisting the regulatory authorities to strengthen the anti-counterfeiting efforts of electronic cigarettes, and stifling counterfeit and inferior products in the cradle. In the future, JVE will achieve user real-name verification, product traceability, data monitoring and other functions through further technical research and development, and provide strong support to promote the development of healthy standards in the industry.

Mr. Li Chen made a detailed analysis of the three new series.

JVE new vape

JVE Special Vapor series is the main product of this conference. It is the first to introduce chip technology to solve counterfeit and shoddy products from the bottom of the product logic. JVE Special Vapor is the first electronic cigarette product with an anti-counterfeiting chip on the market, which is of great significance to the development of the industry. The chip is developed by the sister company of JVE Technology, Guoke Ruixin. Guoke Ruixin has been researching and developing new technology chips for up to one and a half years, and has conducted countless scientific research tests during the development period, and finally used it for the first time in the JVE special vapor series.

Learn more on JVE official site (Language: Chinese)


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