2023 New Release KG205: Innovative Box Pod System with 8ml Mesh Coil Pod and Long-Lasting Battery

Introducing the New KG205 Box Pod System: Featuring the Largest Pod in the Industry – an 8ml Capacity – and a 550mAh Battery with Type-C Charging Port for Long-Lasting Performance. The Mesh Coil Technology Delivers Consistent, Rich Flavor Without Any Burnt Taste, while the Upgraded Leak-Proof Technology Ensures a Clean Vaping Experience. With its Compact Size, Translucent Shell, Ergonomic Mouthpiece, and Fun Sticker Design, the KG205 is a Stand-Out Device.

Additional Product Details:

  • Mesh Coil with 8ml Pod Capacity and Leak-Proof Design Delivers Up to 3000 Puffs.
  • Battery with 550mAh Capacity and Type-C Charging Port for Long-Lasting Performance.

Overall, the KG205 Offers an Outstanding Vaping Experience with its Superior Technology and Unique Design.

Discover the Enjoyable Vaping Journey with the MK231: With up to 5500 Puffs, this device lasts longer and delivers a consistent, smooth flavor with its mesh coil technology. Its upgraded leak-proof design ensures a clean vaping experience, and its stylish, cute size and well-crafted, ergonomic body provide optimal comfort.

Product features:

  • Mesh coil technology delivers up to 5500 puffs with a consistent, smooth flavor.
  • Upgraded leak-proof technology ensures a clean vaping experience.
  • Battery with 550mAh capacity and Type-C charging port for long-lasting performance with low power consumption.
  • Compared to the original product, this device has increased battery capacity by 37.5% and charging efficiency by 32%.

Discover the Long-Lasting KG204 MTL Pod System: With an Ultra-Large Pod Capacity, Multiple Compatibilities, and Superior Endurance, this device is built to last. Its Mesh Coil Technology Delivers a Consistent, Great Taste, while its Long-Lasting Battery with Type-C Charging Port and Enhanced Leak-Proof Technology make it a reliable and convenient option. With its Simple, Stylish Design, Ergonomic and Compact Build, and Upgraded Teak-Resistant Technology, the KG204 is a Smart Choice for Vapers.

Product Features:

  • 5ml & 9mlPod Mesh Coil for a Great, Consistent Taste.
  • Battery with 500mAh Capacity and Type-C Port for Convenient Charging.
  • Enhanced Leak-Proof Technology for a Clean Vaping Experience.
  • Simple, Stylish Design, Ergonomic and Compact Build, and Upgraded Teak-Resistant Technology.

At MKG, we have always placed great emphasis on research and development of products and technical innovation since our company’s inception. Our first vaping product gained popularity on social media in 2019, and since then, we have evolved our product line to keep up with the fast-changing vaping market.

We are dedicated to making significant investments in R&D to provide innovative vape products that not only satisfy but also anticipate consumer preferences. Our commitment to creating better products for our customers is unwavering, and we strive to deliver the best possible vaping experience to all.


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KG205: Innovative Box Pod System with 8ml Mesh Coil Pod and Long-Lasting Battery



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