Kingscrest Cream-Team E-Liquid Review

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The Chinese Lunar New Year is just around the corner, and Captain has prepared the perfect E-Liquid for your festive experience. Introducing the Cream-Team series, a collaboration between Kingscrest and JamMonster, it’s sure to deliver a delightful impact to your taste buds.

Brand Overview

Since 2014, Kings Crest has been enchanting customers worldwide with their meticulously crafted e-liquids. Hailing from South Florida, they have built a reputation for unwavering commitment to excellence. Their state-of-the-art facility, premium ingredients, and passionate team symbolize quality. They invite you to a royal experience with Kings Crest.

Product Overview

The Cream-Team series, a collaboration between Kingscrest and JamMonster, features three flavors: Cinnaroll, Buttercream, and Neapolitan. Captain brings you two of these – Buttercream and Neapolitan.

Kingscrest Cream-Team E-Liquid Review

Flavor Profiles

Buttercream 6mg 30pg/70vg
Experience a refreshing buttercream ice cream with rich butter cake overtones, making this a sumptuous dessert flavor. This flavor is a collaboration between Jam Monster and King’s Crest.

Kingscrest Cream-Team E-Liquid Review

Neapolitan 6mg 30pg/70vg
Another collaboration between Jam Monster and King’s Crest, this classic blend of strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream is a timeless delight.

Kingscrest Cream-Team E-Liquid Review

Product Experience

Recommended Devices
BPmods Warhammer80W Box
BPmods Pioneer V1.5 RTA
Recommended Coils
NK A1 φ2.5MM 28ga 1.2ohm
Staple Ni80 φ2.5MM 4-.1*3/40 0.68ohm
Clapton Ni80 28/40 0.88ohm

Kingscrest Cream-Team E-Liquid Review

Tasting Experience
The sweetness of the buttercream is well-optimized, reminiscent of Kingscrest’s own Tres Leches cake, but without the excessive sweetness. This adds depth to the cake flavor, enriching the otherwise simple taste with a pronounced creaminess.

Kingscrest Cream-Team E-Liquid Review

Featuring a complex blend of strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla, this is one of my preferred combinations. The fusion of fresh fruity flavors, rich chocolate, and smooth vanilla creates a unique and delightful experience.

Kingscrest Cream-Team E-Liquid Review


The Cream-Team series by Kingscrest and JamMonster is indeed special. It feels like a blend of Kingscrest’s subtle combinations and JamMonster’s jammy style, offering a great and enduring vaping experience. Surprisingly, this series also balances the carbon buildup typically associated with Kingscrest and JamMonster products.

The carbon buildup is noticeable but not as extreme as with JamMonster, just slightly more than Kingscrest. For the best experience, I recommend frequent replacement of coils and cotton to maintain the pure taste. For coils, I suggest using A1 simple wire or high-resistance Clapton coils for MTL vaping, as this enhances the richness and endurance of the flavors.

Kingscrest Cream-Team E-Liquid Review

Overall, this is an exceptional winter E-Liquid, offering a complex ice cream and buttercream flavor. Captain highly recommends it.


I’m Captain Dirty, and if you want to hear more reviews from me, let me know what you’d like me to review next. See you in the next episode!

Where to buy Kingscrest Cream-Team E-Liquid 

E-liquid Quality
Carbon Buildup

Kingscrest Cream-Team E-Liquid impresses with rich, layered flavors and high-quality ingredients, offering a premium vaping experience, though it may require frequent coil changes due to carbon buildup.

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