Lamborghini has a new electronic cigarette priced at 400 USD

“You may not know that Lamborghini, today’s top supercar brand, was originally a tractor factory, and you may not know that Lamborghini released electronic cigarettes this year.”

Both of these are facts.

Last month, Tonino Lamborghini, a luxury brand under Lamborghini, released a new high-end e-cigarette-Lamborghini Vape, limited to 5,000 sets worldwide, including 9 new flavored cartridges, priced at RMB 2,800 (400 USD) per set.

Lamborghini Vape, from product positioning, appearance design, product quality and price, packaging all show that the main high-end, taking the route of luxury goods and high-end gifts.

It is understood that this product is the first to be launched simultaneously in Italy and China. The design is supervised by the Lamborghini design director. The appearance of the product is the classic yellow of Lamborghini sports car.

In order to perfectly unify the quality of each Lamborghini Vape root sports car, the Italian designer adopts the original Lamborghini sports car Giallo Inti yellow metallic pearl car paint. The six-sided honeycomb black area in the middle is made of imported Italian Alcantara fabric, and the tobacco rod Both sides are inlaid with Lamborghini original 0.4mm high-strength carbon fiber material.

It is really not an exaggeration to use “luxury” to describe this Vape rod.

During the National Day, the author experienced one for a whole week, and its feel is indeed very delicate and thick. Especially the combination between the suede-like texture of Alcantara fabric and the metal car paint. Compared with other ordinary aluminum e-cigarettes on the market, the Lamborghini Vape really has the feeling of “luxury” in the hand, and after the experience, At least in terms of feel, “I can’t go back again”.

Luxury goods pay attention to scarcity. In addition to the limited sale of 5,000 sets of cigarette sticks, Lamborghini is also very distinctive in the taste of the cartridge: for the first time, it launched more than 9 unique flavors that have never been seen in the market.

There are classic cocktails made with Tissano almond-flavored liqueur from Italy-the godfather flavor, the world’s popular wild bomb flavor and the recently popular mojito flavor, and the pineapple beer that is uniquely prepared for Chinese localization Tieguanyin, Long Island Iced Tea, cocktails and other new flavors. As a high-end e-cigarette positioned as a “luxury”, it is indeed unique in taste.

I suddenly thought that since ancient times, regardless of China and foreign countries, smoking utensils have always been men’s playthings. Then, under the new category of electronic cigarettes, will there be high-end toys that are worthy of men’s “playing”?

However, Lamborghini’s traditional cigarettes have been selling hot in South Korea and other places for many years as a test of the tobacco industry, but this is the first time that a brand-new e-cigarette has been created with a luxury positioning.

And in the eyes of the public, the four words Lamborghini are synonymous with the world’s top supercars. But supercars are not the only industry of the Lamborghini family.

In 1981, under the inheritance and development of the second-generation owner Tonino Lamborghini, the Lamborghini brand expanded the family business to many luxury goods areas: from tractors to super sports cars, to fashion jewelry, and even five-star hotels. Smart phones, then to today’s high-end electronic cigarettes.

To summarize it with a slogan from Lamborghini Urus: We make it possible!


On May 25, 2019, Ferruccio Lamborghini, the third-generation head of the Lamborghini family, and Ma Yuxiang, CEO of Yedao Group, held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony at Shanghai Caohejing International Incubation Center. Since then, Lamborghini has officially entered the e-cigarette market . Yedao Group is the exclusive global distributor of e-cigarette products under Lamborghini, and Shenzhen Idigo Technology is the only designated authorized distributor.

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