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In the resurgence of mod vapes and Mouth-to-Lund devices, the war in the pod vape market has not stopped. Today, Captain Dirty brings you LAMI pod system. LAMI had some contact with Captain Dirty before, because of the epidemic and uncertain factors, it meets you today. So what’re the highlights of this pod vape, let me introduce it to you.

Brand Introduction

LAMI is a subsidiary of Guangdong Wuyeshen (Five Leaf God) Group. Guangdong Wuyeshen Group was founded in 1999. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. It’s committed to the tobacco industry for 20 years, with cumulative production and sales of more than 2 million boxes, a total of 23 billion yuan in tax revenue created. In recent years, from the well-known Chinese cigarette brand “Wuyeshen” to the high-end sauce fragrant liquor brand “HouGongFang”, it has completed the cross-sector industrial upgrade, which has once again attracted widespread attention both inside and outside the industry.

LAMI’s products were jointly developed by Wuyeshen Group, Shennong Tobacco (a professional cigarette research institution with first-class experts and scholars), and Cigarette Toxicology Laboratory (founded jointly by Shennong Tobacco and Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences) These three institutions are all professional tobacco research and development institutions, so the electronic cigarette of LAMI is very good to restore the taste of real cigarette, and at the same time effectively reduces the harm of tobacco to human body.

It is not difficult to see that LAMI not only has a strong background and strong strength, but also has the support of top technology. This tycoon is really difficult not to win applaud.

Product Introduction

Product packaging

The packaging of the product really shines in the eyes of Captain Dirty. Different from other brands that don’t take care of the packaging, Captain Dirty can’t help but cry out, it’s indeed a big company.

Adopting the design of Yin-Yang transparent cover, it has its own set of concepts. The intuitive products and cartridge also bring customers an intuitive shopping demand experience.

The left and right sides are “Wuyeshen(Five Leaf God)” and product features “Smooth Throat Feel” and “ShenNong Technology”.

LAMI Tmax pod system review

LAMI Tmax pod system review

Product content
1 device + 2 pods(cartridges) + 1 storage box + 1 charging cable
Different colors of devices are equipped with different cartridges
Blue / white device with built-in original mint flavor and litchi ice flavor
Red / golden device with built-in original mint flavor and thin gold voice mint flavor
Gray / black device with built-in Yungui tobacco flavor and South American tobacco flavor

Captain Dirty:

In terms of product content, it is worth mentioning that the storage box looks very high-end. It is not only fashionable but also very business. It matches the accessories well, which is caring. It can put two spare cartridges and a device to add more flavors. In other words, your mood of the day can be put in this box. In the morning, a mint is refreshing; at noon, a tobacco-flavored aftertaste thinking; and a fruity flavor at night to release the tiredness of the day. It’s an embodiment of humanity.

LAMI Tmax pod system review

Pod flavors

So far, there are 4 flavors of products
Of course, new flavors are in continuous development …
They are: mung bean ice mint, golden voice ice mint, original mint, lychee ice mint, green mango ice mint, watermelon ice mint
The upgraded version of the cartridges are: Yungui tobacco, South American tobacco, Midnight Storm, and Shaped Coke

LAMI Tmax pod system review

Captain Dirty:

Captain Dirty only experienced 6 of these 10 flavors here, and we will also explain to you how the flavors are. Each pod used by LAMI is packaged independently, which should be regarded as the industry leader. One is for convenience, the other is hygiene, and the third is beauty, with all the details processed well. It has also launched a real one-piece pack, which eliminates the trouble of using and bundle purchases when customers vape to the greatest extent.l one-piece pack, which eliminates the trouble of using and bundle purchases when customers vape to the greatest extent.

LAMI Tmax pod system review

LAMI experience

Yungui tobacco

Taste is more like China flue-cured tobacco, but it’s stronger, and there is no “smoke water” taste that other brands have appeared before. It is quite good. But after vaping a while, it is actually not enough, although there is support from Five Leaf God, there is still a little less sense in this breakthrough in tobacco.

South American tobacco

The heavier taste, the typical American tobacco taste, was tried by our older smoking family members at home, and they all said it was very good. Captain Dirty doesn’t like this flavor, maybe Captain Dirty is not familiar with it enough, haha

Mung bean ice mint

I have to say that LAMI is indeed the leader in the conception of “herb + mint atomization pioneer”, this team is outstanding. My feeling on this mint is very good, and the experience of green beans is also brilliant, wish friends to try this flavor.

Golden voice

In the same way, the feeling of mint is very good. And Captain Dirty will not elaborate on this one by one below. The name of this flavor is “golden voice” there is no such kind of “golden voice drug (a popular drug for throat protection in China) feeling. It is more like gum. Maybe Green Arrow? Yeah, something like that, coolness is at an acceptable degree.

Original mint

Captain Dirty said a long time ago, it depends on the original mint flavor to see if the pod vape brand is doing well. The origin mint flavor here is one of the core competitiveness of LAMI. It feels sweet, refreshing and without any redundant taste. The coolness is normal and proper. It is recommended.

Lychee ice mint

I feel this flavor is a little inferior here. While mint taste comes out, this is understandable, but the lychee feels a little unsatisfactory, the lychee’s sweet and sour feeling is not reflected, more like a lychee candy. It gives me bad vaping experience, hope it could be improved.

LAMI Tmax pod system review


The overall style of LAMI is more practical, and there is no problem in the experience: The vape juice leakage rate is 0%, and the occasional spitbacks are acceptable, and there is not burnt core and dry hit during my vaping. Until the end of my vaping process, there is no burnt smell. The 400mAh with Type-C charging interface is the normal battery life and capacity of pod vapes. In terms of peripheral accessories, new product development, and product joint name, LAMI also made some gimmick. Richer tastes and diversified options are just around the corner. Captain Dirty expect that LAMI will launch more flavors and improve its products to make pod vape more convenient and comfortable to use. Some friends say why don’t you review the device? Captain Dirty want to tell you that the core competitiveness of pod vapes is similar in technology, taste, and appearance. The pod vape devices are similar or even the same. Only pod vape manufacturers that put the user experience first will have more fans and better flavors & taste.

OK, I’m a Captain Dirty. See you next time.

Where to buy LAMI Tmax: Contact Captain Dirty

LAMI Tmax pod system review

Product content
Battery capacity/ Endurance

LAMI Tmax pod system features its mint flavor.

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