UK TPD Vaping Laws

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Below, we bring you our interpretation and a summary of the UK TOD Vaping Laws. In Europe there are many laws that have been recently put into place that restrict the freedoms of vapers. The biggest regulations in regards to restricting free vaping are the TRPR (Tobacco and Related Products Regulations) and TVPD (Tobacco Products Directive). Both are very similar with TRPR having been put into place around the time of brexit which lead to the creation of TPD for the UK. The way we vape is in danger because of these new regulations and it is important to understand what is happening so that you can keep vaping.

One of the most upsetting restrictions in both the TRPR and TPD is the size restrictions. European cloudchasers are going to have major problems with the new refillable tank size being dropped down to a puny 2mL. With this size it is going to be both incredibly difficult and draining to puff out giant clouds, and speaking of draining the legal size for refillable containers has been restricted to a maximum of 10 mL. These containers are going to be burned through quite quickly and the user is going to have to buy many of them if they want to continuously vape. Not only container sizes are being limited however the regulations limit the maximum strength of nicotine that can be present in e-liquids has been restricted to 20mg/mL. These restrictions are outrageous in how they limit the potential in our vaping.

Vaping is having problems differentiating itself from the more well known smoking of cigarettes and tobacco in general, which were popularized for many older generations by movie stars and other celebrities. This is especially evident in how they are being referred to in the Tobacco Products Directive, and Tobacco and Related Products Regulations. It is not enough for smoking tobacco to shadow over vaping the TPD and TRPR are limiting the ways in which vaping can be advertised. Vaping products cannot be advertised in 4 areas: in the press, on television programs children may see, in information services, or in sponsored events. These restrictions on advertising are bordering on ludicrous. No advertising of vaping products in the newspaper would simply be a minor inconvenience but in the press also includes publications like magazines which will impact the ability of companies to spread word of their new products that could improve your vaping. The real heavy hitter in these restrictions is the ban on advertising in sponsored events. This restriction is outright ludicrous, and causes many problems for those who wish to create large gatherings of vapers. Not being able to get sponsorship for an event will also restrict how you can advertise for the event, as you will also need to ensure that you are not creating problems with how you are advertising by making it look like you are promoting products in a way that would be illegal such as in a magazine. The governments restrictions on advertising demonstrate that they think that if no one can hear about vaping no one will get into it in the same way that people have gotten into smoking.

The next regulations being added are for the most part a mild inconvenience or a relatively reasonable safety measure. TPD and TRPR have made it so that packaging for products containing nicotine must be child-resistant and tamper evident, which all things taken into account is not a very large deal, but the TPD and TRPR also demand that loads of information be crammed into the labels of cartridges which leads to questionable legibility especially when added to a cartridge that is meant to hold 10mL of fluid in the best case scenario. Chemicals claimed as capable of causing harm in heated or unheated forms there is also a ban on which may be a problem for some thrill seekers. Even despite these new regulations however many companies which provide vaping products seem to be optimistic that they will not have to heavily change the prices of their products.

The TPD and TRPR create restrictions that are seemingly attempting to stamp out vaping before it can gain a larger following. The restrictions on size and packaging are for the most part inconveniences but the restrictions on advertising are simply draconian. Stay strong vapers and brace yourselves for the changes on May 20, 2017 when the TPD and TRPR are fully in place. We hope you have found our summary of UK TPD Vaping Laws helpful and we welcome you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.?/p>

Hong Kong E Cigarette Law – Read Before Vaping in Hong Kong


Hong Kong vape laws:

Under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance (Chapter 138, Laws of Hong Kong), nicotine is a Part I poison. E-cigarette and e-liquid containing nicotine is regarded as pharmaceutical product and must be registered with the Pharmacy and Poisons Board before sale or distribution. Possession or sale of unregistered pharmaceutical product, and the possession or sale without authority of Part I poison, are both offences. Each offence shall be liable on conviction to maximum penalty of $100,000 fine and 2 years’ imprisonment.

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Can I vape in Hong Kong 2018

Vape is the same as the cigarette. Cigarette smoking (including e-cigarette) is banned in no smoking areas under the Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance (Chapter 371, Laws of Hong Kong). No smoking areas include all indoor public areas and some outdoor areas such as school campus, public parks and beaches. Offenders are subject to a fixed penalty of fine $1,500. Outdoor areas and private space are free to vape.

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Can I take my e cigarette to Hong Kong airport?

It depends on whether your vape contains nicotine or not. No nicotine vapes are free to go when taking vapes with nicotine will be arrested and fined HK$100,000. That’s just the law. However, I can tell you that any enforcement (if it exists at all) is very light-on. My friends have been through HK to SZ with E-Cigs many times without any problem.

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Is there vape shops in Hong Kong including Mongkok and Sai Ying Pun area?

Yes. There are over 20 big or small vape shops in Hong Kong in total. Here are the selected top 10 vape pen shops in Hong Kong for reference:

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What’s the price of vape pens in Hong Kong?

The vape price in Hong Kong varies from 10 dollars to 400 dollars. Most vapes are at 50-70 dollars.  Shopping online is also a convenient and cost-effective way. Most Hong Kongers buy vapes on this website.

US regulatory authorities warn of electronic cigarette packaging

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In order to protect minors from tobacco products, the United States Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a joint warning to 13 manufacturers and distributors of electronic tobacco liquid to prohibit the packaging of electronic tobacco liquid to mislead minors on May 1st.

Electronic cigarettes consist mainly of batteries, evaporator and smoke pipes with cigarette smoke. Among them, the electronic cigarette contains a certain amount of nicotine, by adding flavor to produce different tastes, such as herbal flavor, fruit flavor and so on.

Some of the electronic cigarette packaging boxes sold in the US market are much like juice boxes, or wrapping paper, which is similar to the common candy and biscuit wrapping paper. Scott Gottlieb, director of the US administration of medicine, said in a statement that any tobacco products should not use marketing ways that might be harmful to children, especially using patterns that may mislead children, making them mistaken for the food they have eaten or drink.

Maureen Ohlhausen, the chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, said the joint warnings from the two agencies suggest that marketing means that children may face nicotine hazards is unacceptable.

The US Drug Administration also said that although it supports the development of alternatives to traditional cigarettes, it will not allow children to be healthy at the cost of promoting this work.

Electronic cigarette? Heat not burning cigarette? Traditional tobacco? How Japanese deal with IQOS

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Inose Naoki, a former Tokyo director, has recently publicly supported the heating of non – burning tobacco on its Twitter, and hopes that the new products will be treated in Japan for tax reduction in the future to affirm their contribution to the public environment.

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On the same day, according to the Yomiuri Shimbun, the largest news agency in Japan, about whether the heat-non-burning tobacco to be treated as a traditional cigarette, the Tokyo municipal government recently collected public opinion. After receiving 2000 people’s feedback on the legal constraints on the non-burning heat as a traditional cigarette, the government of Tokyo said that They can’t ignore the opinion of the 2000 citizens, and because the hazards of the so-called “heated” non burning tobacco are not completely confirmed by science, they should be treated differently from the heat burning products and the traditional tobacco products. According to an analysis of the Philip Moelis Company, which sells the “iQOS” of the non-burning product, the analysis of the Philip Moelis Company reports that the content of the harmful ingredients is reduced 90 percent compared to the traditional cigarette. The Japanese tobacco companies (JT), which sells the same product “Ploomtech”, also said, “there is little concern about health hazards, so it should not be compared with traditional cigarettes.”

As the capital of Japan, the regulations on the prevention of passive smoking in children were set up in Tokyo in October. The regulations containing punishment measures were put into effect in 2017. In order to deal with the Tokyo Olympic Games, Chiba, which is next to Tokyo, has also formulated regulations on the prevention of passive smoking. The regulations on passive smoking prevention in all levels of city, village and village are also in the city of Hokkaido, but not for restaurants and customs shops.

In view of the passive smoking prevention Ordinance, the public is familiar with the harm of traditional cigarettes to health. However, there is a lot of controversy about whether the new type of tobacco such as heating and burning should be treated differently. There are two main arguments.

1. is heat-non-burning tobacco harmful to health?

2. is it still harmful to second hand smoking?

In response, Ishida Masahiko, a medical researcher at the Yokohama Municipal University of Japan, proposed that:

“The passive smoking prevention Ordinance is based on allowing smoking to be free while limiting the health hazards of cigarette smoke to non-smokers. That is to say, if the smoke and steam coming out of heated tobacco will do the same harm to health, it should be restricted like cigarettes. If not, heating and burning tobacco should be excluded from the target.

In view of whether heating does not burn the same harm, although the current amount of sound is still large tobacco companies, public health researchers and research institutions have begun the study of the health hazards of heating-non-burning products to human health. At present, in the paper on the analysis of the substances produced by heatingnon-combustion products, the mainstream of the paper is the opinion of Swiss researchers on the product iQOS of heating non-burning products. According to this paper, the nicotine, formaldehyde, and toxic acrolein produced by iQOS are about 84% less than that of traditional cigarettes.

But it is still not comprehensive to compare the effects of traditional tobacco and heating non – burning tobacco on the health of the users. For non smokers, no tobacco can be called completely healthy, but for smokers who are unable to quit or are not ready to quit, there is no doubt that it will be transferred to the smokers. The new type of tobacco products such as heat and non combustion can reduce the harm of smoking.

Ishida Masahiko believes that carcinogens are in fact universal, and there is not a completely healthy world without any carcinogenic substance, so it is often time to set a safety threshold for different substances.


In a home wine house, a total ban is imposed, but it is not relevant to use vapes that do not release second-hand smoke. Because it does not burn without fire, the ashtray is also made of paper, which is a good way to solve the problem.

The group of the smoking Japanese people is really big enough. In order to smoke and being healthy,  they have taken all kinds of means and attempts. I wonder if we can learn from them or learn from them. How do you think about this new vape pen?