LiGHT Made Simple: Review of Microcosm LiGHT VapePod

Things to consider for beginners choose a vape pod:

  • Beautiful looking.
  • Easy to take. (Perfect fits your palm)
  • Easy to Use. (No Button)
  • No leaking problem



LiGHT is the first AIO vape pod kit released by MICROCOSM. And designed by the Japanese well-known designer Masayuki Kurokawa. Comes with five colors. This ultra portable vape kit is super convenient for your vaping on the go, and the elegant design is specially customized lady preference. LiGTH attracts customers’ affection by its unique gorgeous looking. Perfect draw similar to Uwell Carliburn, fantastic flavor no less than Renova Zero, and undetectable throat pain. Above is the basic information that you may be interested in.



LiGHT Made Simple: Review of Microcosm LiGHT VapePod

The LiGHT is a new Looking design accessing to the market as a pod kit. On the front. You can directly see that its first highlight is the more standard Oval design. Which I have never seen from any pod kits or vaping devices like this. Renova Zero is also in Oval Shape, but they are different. LiGHT just makes a new and nice design model without copying other popular vape devices. I would say that MICROCOSM-the brand team of LiGHT, and LiGHT itself comes to us with their own thought.

Magnetic design makes the connection quick and tightly yet pulling out easily. Vibration and white LED notice your device be ready to vape. Just like what mentioned in LiGHT official website, corresponding buzzing and twinkle reminder give you a brand new and special experience to light up your vaping device, which is a really helpful feature to recognize your device connected well or not right away. you don’t have to vape it to find out that there was a connection problem.

Draw activated firing with a gentle breath convenient all vapers to vape, you can avoid the confusion how many times you need to click the button to activate you device. due to there are many of other button operation pod kits you have.

LiGHT itself adapts to refillable pods, any flavors can be chosen according to your preference, and 1.7ml e-liquid capacity easily get your moderate vaping through all day. It is one of the most affordable pods in the market. PCTG pod material is your draw safety assurance. Up to 6 times for refilling, not only to a large extent it is in lasting long life, but also prove that the good performance in protecting the coil from dry hit.

LiGHT Made Simple: Review of Microcosm LiGHT VapePod

Detail :
Type: Refillable Pod System
Capacity: 1.8ml
Size: 87.50 * 16.90 * 31.72mm
Weight: 62.4g
Built-in Battery: 650mAh
Recharge Time: 45mins


PPT taste boosting flavor:

LiGHT Made Simple: Review of Microcosm LiGHT VapePod

The most important factor for a solid quality pod-based vape kit is the flavor. And flavor almost comes from the coil. Overview the vaping market, those pod systems driven out of the market that always comes with poor coils and bad flavors.

In LiGHT, the Boost comes with 1.2ohm organic cotton is rated for 10W, I tried both freebase nicotine and nic-salt with LiGHT, I would say that 1.2ohm is well match 10W here. It gave me a flavorful vaping in these two different e-liquid options. And I thought that the Nic-salt is going to be the best for LiGHT vaping, and will comes with smooth throat hit and denser vapor production, which is impressive for a pod kit.


Directional Vortex Air Flow:

LiGHT Made Simple: Review of Microcosm LiGHT VapePod

Perfect and smooth draw is definitely one of the features I have to emphasize. According to official introduction, it adopts the idea of Directional Vortex Air Management to control the air flow. If you put out the pod, you will see that the airflow is from the side of the pod. I vaped and the fact prove that it is a good way to control the air flow well and realize the fantastic draw for your vaping as the real cigarette resistance.

If you are a vaper who love tight draw the most, then I would say that it won’t be the best for you. It delivers a looser draw, mostly likes between the MTL and DL, just give you the comfortable, eased but not empty inhale experience. I would love to summarize as not customized for specific vaper types, yet suitable for all.


No leaking Structure

LiGHT Made Simple: Review of Microcosm LiGHT VapePod

We all know that the leaking, spitting, gurgling are normal issues in any of vape devices and hardly can be fixed. So it would be our great happy if there is a vape device which can minimizes these issues, especially the leakage problem. Let me start talking about them one by one.

Until now, I have already finished one pod life with LiGHT, which means 6 times filling a pod. I have to say I didn’t meet the gurgling with LiGHT at all, if you your e-liquid have this issue, maybe you have put it on the side for some days, maybe the device has been dropped down, maybe the pods has occasional quality issue in volume production, but my pods is really good made. I love it.

And for the spit back, although I has been told that this device was built-in useful technology to prohibit this problem, it did happen in my vaping sometimes. But in general speaking, is acceptable for me. At least the condensate not spit back to full of my mouth and it just happen sometimes.


Press to Fill system:

LiGHT Made Simple: Review of Microcosm LiGHT VapePod

For the leakage, the Press to Fill system help the e-liquid not easy to leak from the pod. If you don’t know much well in Press to Fill, then it is the same as Renova Zero. What only I complaint about the Press to Fill system is it comes with tiny hole for refilling. You have to use the injector or the e-liquid bottle with pointed mouth. And it seems that the W-shape air system structure inside also help anti-leakage, have kept my pod clean and not dirty with leaking e-juice.


Compare to Alternatives

Uwell Carliburn is regarded as the 2019 best seller for vape pod kit. All review and comment about Caliburn always get a high score, especially for its flavorful taste. But if you are a beautiful looker lover, Carliburn may be not suitable for you. But sometime the solid performance is more important than the appearance.

Drag Nano is released by Voopoo, when it was filled the high freebase nicotine will works better, but it not so good when vaped with lower nicotine. Filling hole in the side is not convenient to refill and easy cause leaking. Looser draw and not flavorful taste. In generally, I don’t have a nice vaping experience with Drag Nano.

Renova Zero is also good selling in 2019, but now seems to be replaced by other new product. 650mAh battery and 3 power modes adjustable is the most reason I love it. And multiple colors is available. There are some similarities between Zero and LiGHT, Magnetic connection, PTF system, 650mAh battery, compact design. It is a solid choice if you wanna make substitution for Zero, and I think LiGHT delivers a smoother draw, better flavor, quality hand fell than Zero!


Where to Buy:



  • fits your palm
  • 5 colors options
  • Beautiful looking
  • 48hr long duration of battery supply
  • FDA Certified Medical Grade Materials
  • Patented Press To Fill (PTF) system.
  • Vibration notice after 15puffs (8s/puff)
  • Anti-leaking system


  • Need 60min for fully charging
  • May not thick clouds chasing
  • Organic cotton heating coil not so much suitable for your CBD e-liquid.



I hope this review helped you realize that Microcosm LiGHT is the best vape refillable Pod optional anymore. With the solid quality, top-ranking manufacturing, good performance, comfortable throat hit, perfect Nic-salt absorbed and hand feel.

Performance - 97%


I hope this review helped you realize that Microcosm LiGHT is the best vape refillable Pod optional anymore. With the solid quality, top-ranking manufacturing, good performance, comfortable throat hit, perfect Nic-salt absorbed and hand feel.

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