Lumenary To Launch World’s First Laser Vaporizer The Beam Vape

The Beam is the world’s first laser vaporizer and pocket-sized low temperature dab rig, using light rather than metal and electronics to heat solid extracts and viscous concentrates, producing a pure, instant, and great tasting experience with no e-waste from spent cartridges.

Although extract vaping has benefits when compared to smoking, current technologies often involve the heating of metal alloys that can release lead and poisonous heavy metals. Heavy metal ingestion can cause high blood pressure, kidney disease, and brain damage (1). Further, studies have shown that terpenes naturally dissolve even high-quality metals, releasing heavy metal toxins.  As such, extracts containing terpenes have the potential to release significant levels of lead and other toxins into your lungs when exposed to metal coils or electronics, especially over longer periods of contact (2, 3).  Lastly, in addition to heating metals, many dab rigs – high temperature heating devices for solid/waxy concentrates – can reach temperatures of over 400-500 °C, hot enough for terpenes contained in extracts to be transformed into benzene and other dangerous poisons. These can cause cancer, blood disease, and immune system failure (4).

The Beam’s brand new technology is the key point of differentiation as it provides a completely new and cleaner way to vape by way of a visually stunning blue laser beam. The Beam’s all-ceramic wick heats, concentrates and extracts using only light to reach the point of vaporization, or about 200 °C. This removes the possibility of heavy metal leaching or corrosion and reduces terpene degradation, providing for an instant, clean, and great tasting vape experience. The Beam works with both solid extracts and thicker viscous material, the latter in proprietary serial-numbered and re-usable carts either filled by the user or pre-filled by select licensed extractors for distribution throughout legal jurisdictions. The Beam vaporizers are also verifiably serial numbered to ensure compliance, authenticity, and safety.


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Introductory Pricing for The Beam Vape is $195. Available online at THEBEAMVAPE.COM as well as select dispensaries starting November 22, 2021.


About Lumenary:

Inventor Robbie Schneider was determined to find the best way to vaporize high-quality concentrates. Taking his first laser components from a disassembled Blu-ray player, progressing from living room to basement to warehouse to laboratory, Robbie began a years-long quest to invent the first commercial laser vaporizer. With a passion that compensated for a lack of formal training, Robbie and lead engineers Jake Davidson and Sam Scheiner developed the patented technology behind The Beam and Lumenary’s line of laser vaporization products.

The Beam vaporizes solid and viscous concentrates using only the power of visible blue light, with no dangerous metal residue to compromise the pure taste and enjoyment of the product. Launching in late 2021, The Beam will be the best way to vape high-quality concentrates. The Beam is designed and assembled in Petaluma, California by American craftspeople.

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