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Discover Magical Flavour, a professional flavor manufacturer – DirtyCheck No.110

Various formats of e-cigarette styles come up under the epoch-making developing era.
Different vapes and e-juice bring vapers different experiences.
To bring vapers good vaping experience,
E-liquid is one of the most important links.
And Today, Captain lead you to discover a special manufacturer of e-liquid from China,
Magical Flavour.

Magical Flavour brand overview

Magical Flavour ® is an integrated flavor brand of developing, producing and service. Launched in 2009,we now have customers in Japan, Southeast Asia, Russia, UK and America.

Magical Flavour ®  specializes in producing food-grade flavor for e-liquid, drink and food, with several hundred flavors divided into nine categories.

Based in Xiamen, China, our factory is around 1500㎡ (16145.9 sq. ft). They have labs with advanced research & test equipment and Clean Room.

Their well-experienced flavorist team takes pride in providing worldwide partners with reliable, high-quality flavor products and professional, sincere service.

Discover Magical Flavour, a professional flavor manufacturer

Captain as their customer, when communicating with the brand, it is obvious that the attitude of the brand is very good. It’s also comprehensive in terms of details. It is not difficult to imagine how difficult it is for a brand to do it. The concept of humanization is more of a service spirit that a brand should have. What Magical Flavour did is commendable.

Discover Magical Flavour, a professional flavor manufacturer

Magical Flavour Brand Services

Discover Magical Flavour, a professional flavor manufacturer

The flow chart is simple and clear. Magical Flavour is a true one-stop service provider, saving time and effort for every customer. Whether it is OEM or ODM, it turns a product into reality easily. In more value-added services, it helps you build a warehouse, even a laboratory or a factory. It is not difficult to see that Magical Flavour has not only strong strength but also a complete service system in the true sense.

It also supports filling production, and it is convenient to hand over the later stages of packaging to customers with ideas to integrate their own brand system.

Discover Magical Flavour, a professional flavor manufacturer

Magical Flavour provides most of the flavors in the world at present and can be adjusted according to customer requirements for flavors, so that ideals can be turned into actual products, and real advantages can be turned into items that customers need. It is not difficult to see that the taste system of Magical Flavour is relatively complete and leading. Currently, there are Flavour Shot, Fruit, Menthol & Mint, Milk & Cream, Soda & Beverage, Dessert & Candy, Coffee & Tea, Nut & Herb, Wine & Spirit, Additive, Base, Tobacco… and other types of flavors available for customization or selection.

The completeness of the certificates in compliance with relevant China and international laws and regulations is another advance of Magical Flavour. It’s also one of the basic conditions for customers to be assured.

magical flavour certificatesDiscover Magical Flavour, a professional flavor manufacturer


Magical Flavour product user experience

Surface things may not convince you. Now let’s taste a few products from Magical Flavour.

Super cool mixed berry jam 
Experience: Blackcurrant scent full of breath, mixed with a little berry fruit fragrance, moderate cooling sensation, and comfortable experience.

Grape Blueberry Sauce 
Experience: The juicy and full grape aroma is mixed with the fresh blueberry aroma, the taste is soft and comfortable, and the aroma is sweet and pleasant.

Blueberry Raspberry Sauce 
Experience: The sweetness of raspberry juice penetrates the stomach acid of blueberries. The overall taste is sweet and sour, sweet but not greasy.

Experience: The mellow aroma of the cigar is just rightly mixed with the smokey tobacco aroma, the aroma is harmonious and beautiful, and the taste is mellow.

Peanut Custard 
Experience: The top fragrant has a strong peanut and nutty aroma, with the taste of peanut skin, which is more vivid. The mellow custard at the tail is blended with the aroma of vanilla Wangmei, the tail is beautiful, and the overall aroma is round and full.

Watermelon Apple Mango Ice 
Experience: Sweet watermelon juice with apple juice, sour and sweet, with mango fruity aroma and some icy feeling, there is an immersion feeling in the orchard.

Peanut Vanilla Butter Cake 
Experience: The combination of strong peanut flavour and vanilla custard is just the collision of the fragrance of just-baked peanuts and milk, enhancing its full and supple taste.

Discover Magical Flavour, a professional flavor manufacturer
Testing Magical Flavour

Overall experience

Simply talk about the feelings, it really need to work harder on the soft packaging of the product, not just the name of the e-liquid but also the description of the product.

If the good flavor names can be used to the extreme or satisfy customers, it is a good value-added, hahaha

In terms of flavor additive (★★★★), to be honest, it does not reach the international first-line echelon, but it is not inferior. The fruity blending feels average, just the taste of very conventional flavors, and it has not reached the stunning or top-level. The experience is quite satisfactory, but for dessert foods such as peanuts, custard, etc., it is made quite well. The flavors are very well formulated, the overall is very comfortable and soft, and the taste is clear and real.

In terms of e-juice quality (★★★★★), the overall feeling of quality is relatively good, the blending ratio is reasonable and delicate, there is no excessive moisture, and it is actually in the top level of the world.

In terms of taste (★★★★★), Captain tried different devices to get a better taste. The following feedback is for reference only because everyone’s taste needs and preferences are different.

First of all, it is delicate. Good made-in-China vape juice. The ratio of flavor to the entire e-liquid is relatively scientific, and there is no feeling of excessive flavor retention or excessive e-liquid adhesion. This also makes me feel that such a brand is indeed trustworthy.

Discover Magical Flavour, a professional flavor manufacturer

If the score is comprehensive, Captain will give it a score of 8.5 (satisfactory), because at present, although Magical Flavour’s performance is really good, it does not reach a quite amazing level. This may be due to less customer participation in the flavour adjustment. If it’s based on the customer’s idea and advice of Magical Flavour, the product produced will definitely be great. This is why 1 plus 1 is greater than 2. A good brand not only has core technology and maturity, but also requires communication and exchange with users. In general, Magical Flavour is still very good, come on, Magical Flavour!

Magical Flavour is looking for agents and distributors worldwide now, if you’re interested, please contact them by following means:

Phone: 86-0592-7805051

Mail: [email protected]

Discover Magical Flavour, a professional flavor manufacturer

Friends from Malaysia can buy Magical Flavours directly from the following link:

OK, I’m Captain Dirty,


See you next time.

Magical Flavour product user experience - 90%



Magical Flavour's performance is really good in the hand of Captain

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