Swedish Match U.S. has passed the FDA MRTP review

The new tobacco products ushered in a significant positive!

Eight smokeless tobacco products under Swedish Match U.S.’s general brand “snus” won the FDA’s MRTP title, the U.S. FDA announced on 22nd, October. The 8 smoke-free tobacco products passed are in mouth products.

Swedish Match U.S. has passed the FDA MRTP review

MRTP is a higher level audit than PMTA! Its content has set very strict standards. Now eight smokeless tobacco products under the general brand “snus” of Swedish Match Company have passed the MRTP audit, which is a landmark event for new tobacco products and has great reference significance!

The mouth containing tobacco belongs to a new type of tobacco product as well as vape and HNB. This is also positive news for vape and HNB products.

On April 30, the FDA issued an official statement that iqos, a HNB product of PMI, passed the US FDA PMTA review, which means that iqos can be sold in the us with the label of tobacco products, and the US market of HNB products can be opened.

At this time, MRTP approval means that smokeless tobacco products can be sold in the U.S. market with the label of “harm reducing tobacco products”, which will bring greater product influence and tax preference.

Meanwhile, it shows that the FDA is very responsible for the harm reduction products, not hesitate to put them on the market in time. This has a huge role in promoting the policies of electronic cigarettes around the world!

FDA snus

“Today’s (October 22) move further authorizes manufacturers to use the following words to market such specific products,” replacing cigarettes with regular mouth cigarette can reduce the risk of oral cancer, heart disease, lung cancer, stroke, emphysema and chronic bronchitis, “the FDA said.

But like other smokeless products, there is also a need for a warning statement that lists the risks of oral cancer, gum disease and tooth loss, and emphasizes that smokeless tobacco is addictive and not a safe alternative to cigarettes.

In addition, FDA pointed out that “FDA approval” should not be used as a marketing term for cigarettes with mouth, because technically, cigarettes with mouth are only “approved for sale”. Similarly, the MRTP title is valid for 5 years and will need to be reapplied when it expires.

Before the approval, some members of the group within the FDA advisory committee were worried that although the FDA made a disclaimer, it would be regarded as an approval to allow the low-risk marketing of cigarettes with mouth, which would stimulate more people to use, especially young people.

However, FDA believes that consumers will understand the statement, and will properly perceive the relative risks of these products after comparison with cigarettes. Moreover, according to the actual use of consumers, harm reducing products will greatly reduce tobacco related diseases, which is also very beneficial to the health of individual tobacco users and the health of the whole population.



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