MIVAS 2020 will be postponed 

Likely to be held in June or July

MIVAS 2020, aka Malaysia International Vape Summit, will be postponed. And the new holding date is pending now.

This vape show was set to be held in Prince’s World Trade Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and its holding date were set on Saturday, 28th March to Sunday, 29th March 2020.

At this stage, due to the serious epidemic problem in China, and the number of exhibitors in China is nearly 50% (half of the exhibition). After the China manager Beijing Landmark Exhibition’s discussion with the organizers in Malaysia, the organizer extended their support to China’s e-cigarette enterprises, and decided to postpone the exhibition. The new date is scheduled to be between June and July. And the specific time is not determined yet.

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Contact Malaysia Vape Expo 2020:
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Malaysia market overview – Pod vape goes popular

In the era of electronic cigarettes, Malaysia used to be the main exporter of vape oil. It has won the favor of Asia Pacific region and some European and American markets with mixed fruit and cool taste.

Because the popularity of pod products has changed the structure and market of electronic cigarette industry, what changes have taken place in the Malaysian market in the era of “pod vapes”?

A practitioner of China’s e-cigarette industry once visited Malaysia to share their views.

The users of e-cigarettes in Malaysia are mainly composed of young people and quit smoking groups. There are two types of online e-commerce and offline stores.

Different from the domestic market, there are many physical stores in Malaysia. The electronic cigarette products have strong flavor. Because users can experience the performance and taste of products in physical stores, physical stores are very popular.

The Malaysian market is also transforming. The number of users using large mod vape products is decreasing. On the contrary, pod vape device has become the mainstream of the market, and continues to grow. Electronic cigarettes are everywhere in Malaysia. Market stalls selling vegetables, young people selling fruits on the roadside, grap drivers, couriers, hotel gatekeepers, restaurant diners… You can see e-cigarette users are everywhere.

The main reason why young users (over 20 years old) in Malaysia use e-cigarettes is that they are “new” and “cool”, while middle-aged users mainly want to quit smoking. The taste of e-cigarettes is not as bad as cigarettes. The puff in the room will dissipate soon and will not affect other people.

Generally speaking, consumers are more inclined to buy pod vape devices through online shopping. Therefore, the most important benchmark for success in the Malaysian market is the user experience and repurchase rate.

Reinvent future

MIVAS 2020 will be the third grand event in Malaysia since 2018.

First MIVAS was held in Kuala Lumpur Crown Prince World Trade Center in September 2018. There will be about 100 exhibitors from both local and international. MIVAS received over 78000 registered visitors around the world and it’s a huge success.

As for MIVAS 2019, it was last held at the same location in March 2019. It’s bigger than before, there were more than 150 exhibitors from local and international, and more than 120000 registered visitors all over the world.


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