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MOK HNB device review – The leader of heat not burn products

In addition to the well-known IQOS, China Tobacco has been in the layout of HNB products for a long time, accumulated many patent technologies, and launched its own products one after another. For example, China Tobacco Sichuan’s Kuanzhai Kungfu, China Tobacco Yunnan’s MC, China Tobacco Hubei’s MOK, etc. have been sold to overseas markets such as South Korea and Japan already.

Today, I want to review this product name Mok from China Tobacco Hubei, which is manufactured by First Union group, a large domestic electronic cigarette factory. According to the official news, MOK HNB device has made breakthroughs in key technologies such as needle heating, pressing smoke extraction and cooling section, and obtained 159 independent patents.

Next, let’s learn about this product.

MOK HNB device review - The leader of heat not burn products

I. packaging

MOK HNB device review - The leader of heat not burn products

MOK’s packaging adheres to the exquisite feeling and high technology level similar to cigarette packs. The overall packaging surface has a skin friendly coating, which feels smooth and delicate. In the center of the picture is a “crane” spreading its wings. It’s not clear whether it has a kind of connection with the “crane” of the “Yellow Crane Tower” in Hubei Province.

The packaging picture adopts laser + UV technology, showing the color change of streamer under different perspectives. Text is bronzing process, which should cost a lot in production. You’ll have the full sense of ceremony holding it in hands.

MOK HNB device review - The leader of heat not burn products

The magnetic suction opening and closing on the side of the package can be seen to be made up of three square boxes after the package is unfolded. On the cover paper on each square box, the contents are marked with lines.

MOK’s content list: charging box * 1, device * 1, charging line * 1, adapter * 1, cleaning brush * 1, cleaning cotton * 10, operation manual * 1, quick guide * 1, certificate of conformity * 1.

II. Charging box

II. Charging box

The MOK adopts a split design, that is the device is composed of two parts, the charging box and the device. This advantage is to ensure the lightness of the device when it is held in hand, and to have a charging box to charge at any time. When the charging box is fully charged, it can charge the device 20 times, ensuring enough endurance.

MOK has a total of navy blue, white, red, blue, gold five color options, I get red. This red is very festive Chinese red, neither light nor deep, more in line with the Chinese aesthetic.

The size and weight of MOK charging box are similar to other mainstream split HNB devices on the market, but it is smaller and lighter. MOK adopts sanding technology, vacuum plating technology, three spraying and three plating, so it has more metal texture. The joint is controlled within 0.3mm, and the overall workmanship is pretty tight.

[parameters of charging box]

Size: 110 * 50.5 * 21mm

Weight: 93g

Charging time of charging box: 2h

Battery cycle life: 10000 times


One side of the charging box is the power key, the shift key, the device charging indicator light and the power indicator light of the charging box. Press the power button, according to the four indicators, they represent 25% – 100% power of the charging box. Long press the shift key for 3 seconds to switch the operating mode of the device. The other side is the silk screen text, the bottom is the USB charging interface of the charging box, and the top is the open cover key.

III. Device


The color of MOK device is consistent with that of the charging box, which is more unified and coordinated visually. The front side of MOK device is MOK’s brand logo and heating key, and the backside actually has a groove design, so even if lying on the table, it will not roll, and the grip is better.

The MOK device can be divided into two parts, and the cap of the upper part can be removed. Take off the cap, you can see the round heating needle of the device. Different from the common heating method, the heating needle is easier to insert the cigarette, without too much resistance, and it is not as delicate as the heating piece, which is more solid and durable. At the bottom of MOK device is a gold-plated charging contact, which can be automatically charged by putting the charging box in contact with the charging pin.


[device parameters]

Weight: 19g

Charging time of device: 4min

Preheating time of cartridge: 15s


There is a power indicator above the heating key of the device to check the power of the device. Press the heating key, when the indicator light is blue, it means that the power is sufficient; when the indicator light is red, it means that the power is insufficient, and the device needs to be charged. When the device is put into the charging box for charging, the indicator light on the side of the charging box will flash, and it will stop flashing when it is fully charged.

MOK device actually has two working modes, which can be adjusted by adjusting key. The default mode is the first gear operation mode, which can heat a cart for 5 minutes; if it is the second gear mode, it can heat two carts continuously, and the continuous operation time of the device is 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

IV. User experience

MOK HNB review

The MOK kit is matched with COO cartridge. I chose two flavors of original flavor and mint to test the smoking experience. There are two warning modes of light and vibration in the heating process of MOK device. After inserting the cart, press and hold the heating key to vibrate, and the device will start to heat the cart. About 15 seconds, after the heating is completed, the vibration warning will be given again and the blue light will be on for a long time, then smoking can be started. At this time, you can feel the fragrance of tobacco.

MOK HNB review

Original flavor cartridge: the smoke is very full and full-bodied. There is a very elegant and unique fragrance entering the senses. It has certain stimulation into the throat. After inhalation, the aftertaste is fragrant and clean. It feels very comfortable.

Mint flavor: the cool flavor of peppermint is very outstanding, which is a little bit of tobacco flavor, refreshing.

After eight or nine puffs, the smoke becomes lighter. After about ten puffs, the device begins to vibrate, indicating the end of suction. It can be seen from the cart after smoking that the heating and baking efficiency of MOK is good, and the baking materials are basically carbonized and blackened. And the filter did not appear yellow phenomenon, we can see that the cartridge does not contain tar.

MOK HNB review

MOK’s exclusive COO cart treats the tobacco in a disordered way, resulting in more rich smoke and more tobacco flavor. In the cooling section of carts, two layers of PLA film are used for wall-to-wall cooling, and the temperature of smoke is suitable.

From the health point of view, the heating temperature of heat not burn is about 300 ° and the combustion temperature of traditional tobacco is between 800-900 °. It is a kind of low-temperature heating, and there is no complex chemical produced by combustion. Therefore, it is a new type of harm reduction product, occupying a relatively high market share in Japan, South Korea and other markets.

V. Cleaning

MOK HNB review

Since the heat not burn product will produce carbon or other impurities in the use process, it needs to be cleaned and maintained frequently. MOK kit comes with two tools: cleaning brush and cleaning cotton. The cleaning brush is suitable for handling the obvious impurities stuck on the surface and bottom of the heating needle, while the cleaning cotton comes with a small amount of alcohol, which is suitable for deep cleaning and disinfection.

MOK’s excellence in detail can be seen from these two accessories. The brush of the cleaning brush is neat and exquisite. Clean cotton is made in Japan, and each one is sealed with aluminum foil. It is worth noting that when cleaning, it is necessary to ensure that the device is in a cooling state, the cleaning action should be gentle, and the force should not be too strong.

[overall experience]

MOK HNB review

The overall size of MOK is small and light, the charging and heating time is relatively fast, and the battery cycle life is up to 10000 times. MOK split design, the device can be heated in one or two carts, and the charging box can charge the device 20 times. In addition, the new needle heater structure does not need to be damaged due to torsion.

MOK, as the first heat not burn device of China Tobacco Hubei, has the following disadvantages: the heating needle and the base are fixed as a whole, can not be separated, and it is not convenient to replace (of course, the probability of its damage is very small); secondly, there are fewer accessories around, and less playability.

But on the whole, MOK is excellent in design, workmanship and user experience. Even compared with the overseas IQOS or other domestic HNB products of China tobacco, it is a leader. I recently learned that MOK mini, a new version of MOK, has been launched. Let’s share it with you next time!

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MOK is excellent in design, workmanship and user experience.

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