MOTI new product MOTI·C will be launched at IECIE

The 2020 Shenzhen IECIE exhibition will be held as scheduled at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from August 20th to 23rd. As one of the leading brands in the vape industry, MOTI will bring a variety of new products such as the “super-large cup” pod system MOTI·C and smart POD MOD products MOTI·X to the exhibition. In addition, MOTI has also prepared exclusive investment promotion activities, rich gifts and a 200-square-meter super cool booth, waiting for you to visit and experience.


As a product-driven company, MOTI has released two new products, MOTI·MOJO and MOTI·S LITE this year, and the market feedback is very good. At this exhibition, MOTI’s new upgraded product “Super Big Cup” MOTI·C will make its debut at this exhibition. This product will greatly enhance the user experience in multiple dimensions.


It is worth mentioning that the AI smart POD MOD product MOTI·X, which will be released globally, will also be unveiled at the exhibition. This innovative product has many “black technologies”, machine learning, smart output, and increased air intake. The induction module, let the device “know you better than you”, wait and see.

In addition, the full series of products that have been on the market will also be present for users to enjoy the experience at close range, including MOTI, a full-core pod system MOTI·S LITE, and a disposable atomizer MOTI ·PIIN, a new generation of MOTI·MOJO.

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