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MOTI·C Titanium review

Recently, MOTI vape officially announced:
The MOTI·C Titanium series made of pure titanium is officially on sale worldwide.
Captain as an old friend of MOTI received the industry’s first “titanium” device for the first time, is very excited.
Next, let’s share this MOTI·C Titanium.

MOTI·C Titanium review

MOTI·C Titanium brief view

In the vape industry, the use of titanium is actually not much.
It’s not necessary to explain knowledge points in chemical elements.
Older vapers will naturally know that as long as the device or atomizer is associated with “titanium”, it must be an excellent product.

MOTI·C Titanium review

MOTI·C Titanium packaging

For me who is very sensitive to packaging,
I picked out nothing wrong this time.
The design of the space arc pod directly captures the theme and the vaper,
The overall style is very “cosmic” and very “galactic”,
In terms of visible text,
There is a relatively detailed diagram for titanium.
Very good design in chemistry academics aspect.

MOTI·C Titanium review

The packaging and accessories part is relatively intuitive.
Manual, charging cable and device body.

MOTI·C Titanium review

As colors, “the bright sky of the moon, the blue galaxy, the brilliant nebula, the dreamy sea of stars, and the dazzling stars” were launched,
A total of five colors.

MOTI·C Titanium review

This titanium material has many outstanding features: lightweight, corrosion resistance, and not easy to deform. Although it has been in the atmosphere for several years, the surface does not undergo any changes. However, due to the difficulty of processing pure titanium, it was mainly used in aerospace, aviation, medical and other fields before, and few manufacturers in the vape industry challenge this material. This time, MOTI successfully applied pure titanium into the MOTI·C series device, which is light and stylish, with a warm touch, and has the potential to subvert the tradition with technology.

MOTI·C Titanium review

In terms of appearance, the new MOTI·C Titanium series is absolutely eye-catching and heart-warming at a glance. The difference visible to the naked eye is the dazzling color impact at first sight, and the exquisite crystal ice flower under closer inspection. Under the double process of high-temperature crystallization and anodizing, the natural snowflake-like crystals lightly fall down the shaft with a dazzling color that is perfectly gradual, just like being in the universe and galaxy. According to reports, since the ice flowers are all physically evolved, the crystal ice flowers presented by each device are unique. This one-of-a-kind product adds a bit of romance to the MOTI·C Titanium series and makes every device unique.

MOTI·C Titanium review

What’s more worth mentioning is that the gorgeous colors of the device are all natural, formed by physical changes, rather than traditional spray paint, which undoubtedly enhances the aesthetics of the vape body. The device is a product that is used daily and in close contact with you. While satisfying the visual sense and pleasing to the eye, the safety of use should be given more consideration by the brand. The color of the MOTI·C Titanium is natural, and it refuses to spray paint, which will bring the ultimate experience of “human and device” integration!

MOTI·C Titanium review

MOTI·C Titanium quality

MOTI·C is one of the hit products created by MOTI brand in 2020. The main feature is “Super big cup, super satisfying”. It is the flagship product of MOTI vape. The MOTI·C titanium series also retains the advantages of MOTI·C. It adopts a number of latest patented technologies and is equipped with industry-leading MCU frequency conversion chips. It can identify cold starts, form transient shocks, and realize the concept of “instant vaping” of large cloud. , The atomization temperature instantly changes from normal temperature to the appropriate working temperature. The frequency conversion power output makes the vaping experience more layered; the advanced customized FEELM atomization core, the ceramic honeycomb structure forms an ultra-wide heating surface, the heating temperature is uniform, and the vapor particles are atomized tiny, the vapor is delicate and moist, the taste is highly restored, and the leakage rate is low. Every puff is the ultimate experience. At the same time, the “surging mode”, “anti-spitback” and other functions are still the wonderful easter eggs of the MOTI·C Titanium series. The e-liquid capacity is 2.0ml, satisfying a longer vaping experience! The MOTI·C Titanium series, which integrates a number of industry-leading technologies, will be a guarantee of high quality and ultra-satisfaction.

MOTI·C Titanium review


MOTI is once again a milestone in the history of the electronic cigarette industry,
Taking the lead in using titanium material to provide a next-level user experience.

The beating of physics and the integration of technology, make it unique in the current market that is flooded with similar pods.

While there is no change in the function, and it can’t bring any change to your taste experience, this is what friends need to pay attention to.
Of course, if you want to pursue psychological material satisfaction, just buy it.

I’m a Captain Dirty, see you next time.

MOTI·C Titanium review

Where to buy MOTI·C Titanium


MOTI·C Titanium workmanship
MOTI·C Titanium appearance
MOTI·C Titanium design
MOTI·C Titanium price

MOTI is once again a milestone in the history of the electronic cigarette industry, taking the lead in using titanium material in MOTI C Titanium to provide a high-quality experience to more users.

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