MOTI new taste review – Apple & Lemon flavor – DirtyCheck No.67

MOTI’s new taste has arrived,
The update of MOTI new flavors is getting faster and faster.
What kind of taste is this in the hot summer?
Is it worth vaping?
Here we go.

MOTI apple flavor user experience

The two flavors this time are,
Green apple and ice lemon,
Is there such a taste of summer?
Green apple (2% nicotine salt content, three pods in a pack),
It feels very sweet, and the taste of clear apple feels right,
With a hint of coolness, the whole taste is in line with summer,
But the overall sweetness and sourness dropped slightly,
Increasing acidity will make the whole taste more three-dimensional and intuitive

MOTI new taste review

MOTI lemon flavor user experience

Ice lemon (2% nicotine salt content, three pods),
The lemon taste is handled well,
It reduced the excessive acidity of lemon,
Increased a little sweetness,
The overall ratio feels better than green apples



These 2 new flavors are more suitable for summer,
The 2% nicotine salt ratio is not excessive nor empty in the summer
As to taste,
The experience of lemon is better than that of apple,
Of course, folks who like apple flavor can also try.
Different vapers have different preferences,
Looking forward to the follow-up MOTI delicious flavors
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time

Where to buy MOTI apple & Lemon flavor

MOTI new taste review MOTI new taste review

MOTI apple/lemon flavor taste
MOTI apple/lemon flavor
MOTI apple/lemon flavor

MOTI new taste apple & lemon flavor are low nicotine-strength good flavors for summer.

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