MOTI C pod vape review – DirtyCheck No.92

MOTI’s development speed and the reputation in the industry belongs to the best in the industry.
Today I bring you the latest series of MOTI family,
MOTI C. It’s also called “super big cup”.
Let’s take a look together.

Moti C packaging

Moti C changed its packaging design again.
It’s pretty good, clean, and simple.
All the content is well shown on the surface.

MOTI C pod vape review

Moti C parameters

Open the package then you see the device,
User manual and Type-C charging cable inside.

MOTI C pod vape review

In terms of color, a total of 7 colors have been launched this time.
There are still more mainstream gradient colors with a variety of styles.
Suitable for different people from all walks of life.
Unfortunately, what I received is black, hahaha.

MOTI C pod vape review

400mAh battery capacity,
Enough for daily use.
The official charging time is 50min.

The material is made of aviation aluminum and anodizing process
It’s still so silky and good in texture.
This process makes the device look high end.
And it’s very delicate, with a great improvement in the hand feel.
Won’t slip off easily.

MOTI C pod vape review

The breathing light on the device is good looking,
LOGO led indicator:
White light is 50% battery
The yellow light is 30%
The red light is 20%.
Excessive inhalation vibration reminder,
It will vibrate after 20 puffs in 10 minutes.

Moti C pod details

There are 8 flavors in total this time.

MOTI C pod vape review

As everybody knows,
Many of MOTI’s products use exclusive customized FEELM atomizing cores,
Of course, MOTI C is no exception.
Market-leading Y-type air intake,
In order to match such an excellent configuration,
It is said that the e-liquid has been specially remixed.
Don’t worry about oil spills and condensation,
The brand power of quality and experience of use is the best explanation.

MOTI C pod vape review

2mL e-liquid capacity is reasonable.
Not as weak as 1.5mL,
Neither will it be overloaded like 2.5mL,
It’s a scientific capacity.

MOTI C pod vape review

Moti C user experience

Passion Mango

The mango ice made by MOTI is the best.
This is also a success with the pod and the re-adjustment of the e-liquid.
The mango feels very good,
Not as impatient as some pod,
Very delicate, gentle and soothing.
Friends who are familiar with Captain know that
Captain rarely touch mango or lemon flavor.
But this one is really good, recommended

Ice sweet kiwi

The taste of kiwi is a bit disappointing,
The sweet and sour of Kiwi is not enough ,
There is a fragrance,
But I don’t think this taste will work.
Astringency of kiwi, bad.

Mellow coffee

The coffee smell is very clear,
No extra compound flavor blending
A bit of pure coffee,
No sweetness nor bitterness.
This kind of taste is interesting.

Frozen blueberries

The fruity taste of berries is sweet and delicious,
The taste of blueberries is also very recognizable,
Moderate cooling, just right sweetness ratio.
Thumb up to this one.

MOTI C pod vape review

Sweet Cantaloupe

The fruity taste of cantaloupe is very obvious,
Although this flavor is melon and fruity.
But overall there is no greasy feeling.
The mix of coolness is great.

Summer watermelon ice

Watermelon is the same as cantaloupe,
The sweetness and cooling are excellent.
It will let you know what flavor you are experiencing,
And it’s not too sweet.

Energy time

The taste of energy drinks
This one is a relatively an ordinary and plain taste.
Everyone can feel the special taste of energy drinks,
The coolness is slightly high,
Covers the feeling of the original energy drink.

Passion fruit

The unique fragrance of passion fruit comes out better,
Low sweetness, insufficient fruit sourness.
Overall it is relatively suitable for daily vaping.

MOTI C pod vape review

The most worth mentioning in the experience is this technology,
It is also a new and highly functional design.
Protection against e-liquid running back.
That is, when e-liquid go backwards, the e-liquid cannot contact the atomizing core,
Which which will cause the atomization core to dry burn and produce a burnt smell and taste.
MOTI C built-in horizontal direction sensor put an end to the trouble of burnt core through software cut-in.
When the e-liquid going back exceeds the horizontal section,
The atomizer core will immediately recognize it,
And stop vaporizing and show a purple light reminder.
This is undoubtedly a great new design.

MOTI C pod vape review

Finally, I was curious and also use the surging mode of MOTIS,
The result is really good.
Quickly plug and insert the pod three times,
The taste will be stronger and the amount of vapor will go bigger.


MOTI C this time really makes my eyes shine.
Whether it is user experience or appearance,
MOTI C device inherits the tradition and continued the original style.
This is what a sentimental person would like to see.
Moti C pod vape taste and performance are competive on market,
With FEELM exclusive custom atomizing core,
It operates like a god.
Taste improvement is significant.
Currently, MOTI C is my best MOTI product.
Okay, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy MOTI C

MOTI C pod vape review

Moti C workmanship
Moti C taste
Moti C price
Moti C endurance

Moti C pod vape is competitive on market, with FEELM exclusive custom atomizing core, it operates like a god. Suitable for pod vape enthusiasts.

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