MOTI vape new flavors review – never miss Black Currant Soda – DirtyCheck No.42


Speaking of the MOTI brand, everyone must know it. According to incomplete statistics, MOTI is the second-largest e-cigarette brand in market share.

Today Captain Dirty brings you a new flavor of MOTI. Everyone knows that the pod vape device is actually the same, the focus is on the diversity of flavor. If you don’t know MOTI, Captain Dirty brings you a few new MOTI flavors to take a closer look at it.

Product Introduction


What I got is a single-pack MOTI cartridge, and it is not difficult to see now that due to the sluggish market, many manufacturers have launched the single cartridge model for sale.
This is actually a win-win strategy. One is to help customers save money to buy one at one time, and then try them each in case of wasting the left same flavors. The second is to facilitate the better sales of pods, cheap and convenient.

Now you see the MOTI packaging below, the outer carton, all have seals, very tight.
The packaging inside is currently the dust-free packaging that most pod vapes use. It looks really exquisite.

MOTI vape new flavors review- DirtyCheck No.42


The pods come with regular, clean and dust-proof packaging, and the bottom of the cartridge is also sealed with a sticker to avoid the normal leakage produced by the air pressure during air transportation. Everything is normal.

MOTI vape new flavors review- DirtyCheck No.42


4 flavors: Infinite Energy, Black Currant Soda, Matcha Cookie, Peach Oolong Tea.

MOTI vape new flavors review- DirtyCheck No.42

Infinite Energy – Red bull 

Nicotine salt content 2%
This is the Red Bull smell that everyone can feel through the cartridge. In this cartridge, the Red Bull smell is actually restored relatively well. Although it cannot be completely restored 1: 1, the overall reconciliation is still in place. The sweetness is relatively mediocre, that is, the sticky sweetness of Red Bull is not yet in place.

Black Currant Soda – Grape 

Nicotine salt content 2%

In short, it is black currant smoothie, the sweetness is relatively full, but I feel it not enough, the feeling of coolness is just right, the overall feeling is regarded as upper-middle grade, especially the kind of grape is intoxicating. Very comfortable, like it.

Matcha Cookie – Cookie Tea 

Nicotine salt content 2%

Dessert complex flavor is indeed more difficult to make, the feeling of extraction is relatively greasy, while the matcha flavor is very comfortable. But it does not achieve a very natural feeling. The biscuit smell gives me the feeling that it is too much. I can’t stand the sweet taste. It needs to be adjusted to a lower level. The overall experience is a bit unsatisfactory and needs improvement

Peach Oolong Tea

Nicotine salt content 2%

Juicy peach is matched with oolong tea, the most suitable match is also the most used match on pods. The sweet fragrance of peach and the dry glycol of oolong tea works well with me. I like this. It is light and sweet, and there is some sweetness in the dry.


The several flavors produced by MOTI this time are relatively at the upper-middle level of the current industry. But it has not reached a very high point. No surprises.

As a vaper for many years, I think MOTI new pods are more durable, and the quality is excellent. I use up one other brand pod per day, while I use only a half of MOTI pod per day. Sometimes it lasts longer, and the cost performance is excellent.

As to the best MOTI flavors, I recommend black currant and peach oolong flavor.

OK, I’m a Captain Dirty, see you next time.

MOTI vape new flavors review- DirtyCheck No.42

MOTI vape new flavors review- DirtyCheck No.42

Where to buy MOTI new flavors

Infinite Energy
Black Currant Soda
Matcha Cookie
Peach Oolong Tea

MOTI Black Currant Soda and Peach Oolong Tea flavor are the best. Recommended.

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