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MOTI has always been a leading company in the pod vape industry,
Whether it is a breakthrough in the device or a leader in the core technology of the atomization core,
I believe everyone can see the difference.
Just at the end of the year,
MOTI once again launched a blockbuster product,
The first ModPod, Moti X.
How does it perform, let’s find it out.

MOTI X Podmod review

Moti X specifications/ parameters

Size: 42mm*27mm*112mm
Cartridge capacity: 5.1mL/2mL (TPD)
Atomizing core and recommended wattage:
0.2Ω/ Meta Mesh coil 40W-50W
0.4Ω/ Meta Mesh coil 25W-35W
Battery capacity: 1600mAh
Output power range: 5~50W
Charging current: DC 5V/1.6A, Type-C interface
Disinfection set: UV Light Disinfection Cap
Material: PC/TP/Zinc alloy

MOTI X Podmod review

Moti X package content

1 x body 1 x UV disinfection cap 1 x MOTI X cartridge
1 x 0.4Ω atomizing core (installed) 1 x 0.2Ω atomizing core
1 x USB charging cable, 1 x cigarette holder ,1 x warranty card, 1 x quality inspection card

Moti X user experience


Before the experience, it is necessary to talk about the instructions on the display panel,
After all, there are more knowledge points involved later.

MOTI X Podmod review

1. Battery level icon. Low battery level: the icon will turn red
Charging: The icon will turn green. Normal: the icon will turn white
2. Power curve. The power curve shows the visual data (power, duration, speed, volume) of the previous suction, which can be used in ML mode, SF mode and normal mode
Each new set of data will be used to polish and modify the curve, and it will become stable as the database accumulates.
3. Ignition/power lock. If power lock is switched, the screen will show on. Power lock: After opening the power lock, the power cannot be adjusted. Wattage lock: The device will be temporarily disabled when the wattage lock is on. Press the “Power button” 3 times to turn on/off the wattage lock. Press the “Power button” and “+” simultaneously to turn on/off the power lock.
4. Voltage. When in use, the voltage indicator will display the real-time voltage (V) of the device
5. Power. When in use, the wattage indicator will display the real-time wattage (W) of the device
6. Resistance. The resistance indicator will display the real-time resistance of the atomizing core (Ω)
7. The number of puffs. The puff indicator will display the number of puffs in your history of use.
8. Duration indicator reflects the duration of your last puff
9. The speed indicator will show the air speed (ml/s) you draw last time.
10. The airflow speed indicator will show the air speed (ml/s) you last inhaled in.
After all, there are more knowledge points involved later.

MOTI X Podmod review

Hand feel

Although the design is not the type that Captain likes,
It is ergonomic and not heavy in terms of weight.
I don’t know if it is due to some mistake,
Some places are still not enough.

MOTI X Podmod review

I particularly like the design of the package around the display
High-strength frosting is just right
Feels very comfortable.

MOTI X Podmod review

The air inlet of the cartridge is adjustable
For the device to better adapt to the user’s experience habits,
The design of the dust cover is a good point.
Hygiene and clean, giving the experience a most comfortable state

MOTI X Podmod review

MOTI X’s functions and performance are supported by sufficient technology reserves.
MOTI is doing its part in these aspects.
Some bionic and simulation technologies are used just right,
Not only can you monitor your habits in real time,
But also set up a scientific management for your own vaping habits.
The data on the panel is not gorgeous, but it is in the place where it is used.
Captain applauds here.

Talking about the highlights, have you noticed the accessories?
Disinfection kit UV Light Disinfection Cap, UV disinfection.
Go to the menu and select “UV DISINFECTION”
Press the “Power button” to turn on the UV disinfection mode.
When it is detected that the lid is covered, the UV disinfection process will start
The disinfection time for each operation is 10 seconds.
The user can check the remaining time on the screen.
But the response speed is average.
After over 2-3s, it switched the screen instructions.
You can set it to normally open, it will automatically kill virus every time the cover is closed.
In this COVID 19 time, I believe that such a design is what we need most.

MOTI X Podmod review

It’s a pity that the design is relatively cheap, and it should be possible to avoid such a naked design.
But the benevolent see the benevolent, the wise see the wisdom, some friends may like this sense of design.

MOTI X Podmod review

In terms of taste experience
The machine is equipped with 0.2ohm and 0.4ohm atomizing cores
To sum up, the details of vaping are in place and the restoration is accurate.
In the overall processing details, the taste is restored and softer.
If you want violent output, MOTI X really can’t give that.
But it can give you the most exquisite experience, which is still very nice

MOTI X Podmod review


In terms of design, the design of MOTIX is not the same as conventional MOD POD.
The whole shape is heterogeneous, buy it if you like it.
In terms of hygiene, don’t worry about it. Antivirus function is really strong.
At this special point in time, this is simply benefiting thousands of fans.
As to the tastes, it gives you the ultimate comfortable experience.
Finally, there is a very special easter egg, although I know how to make it,
Due to personal reasons, I didn’t get it out, so I look forward to your sharing.
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time​.

MOTI X Podmod review

Where to buy Moti X (Not on sale, contact Moti official to pre-order) 


Moti X design (look)
Moti X handfeel
Moti X taste
Moti X endurance
Moti X price

In terms of hygiene, Moti X antivirus function is really strong. At this special point in time, this is simply benefiting thousands of Moti fans. As to the tastes, it gives you the ultimate comfortable experience. Recommended

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