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Motto pod vape review – DirtyCheck No.70

Friends who are familiar with Motto have always been impressed by the quality of the e-liquid of Lucky 13, Lucky Bastard.
Motto, as an American e-liquid brand that has been welcomed by a large number of vapers worldwide,
Its cartridges had some problems before, after repeated revisions,
Let’s see what its experience will be.

Motto pod vape review

Flavor introduction

This time we will experience several good flavors of Motto,
Because flavored cartridges like citrus ice are not updated,
So we don’t experience it here.

Motto pod vape review

Burning coffee (5% nicotine salt)

The rich taste of coffee is authentic,
And the creamy taste is relatively neutral.
The slight milk taste is interesting,
Kind of like latte
At present, I think the key point grasp of Motto e-liquid is very good
A small amount of bitterness gives me a long aftertaste.
However, it’s really greasy in summer.

Bourbon tobacco (5% nicotine salt)

This is one of my best tobacco flavors so far,
The light malt taste is very good,
The echo feeling of vaping is really endless.
Interesting taste,
The silky texture has a hint of dryness,
The first choice to replace cigarettes.

Motto pod vape review

Awakening Mint (4% nicotine salt )

Old customers of Motto must know this taste,
Whether it’s word of mouth and experience,
They are pretty good in the hearts of old customers,
An aggressive mint hits the brain directly,
Mint feels very good overall,
But did not go too far to rich mint.
The perfumer controls it very well.

Crispy watermelon (4% nicotine salt)

The watermelon taste control is pretty good,
The sweetness and fruity aroma are very well mixed.
The only downside is that the mint aftertaste is relatively overwhelming,
Diluting the aftertaste of the whole experience.
Hope they reduce the coolness,
To achieve the best taste experience

Motto pod vape review


Many friends complained about this pod vape before,
“Make e-liquid with heart, and make device with toes”,
In this cartridge adjustment, Motto did show their sincerity.
Avoided the previous problems of excessive condensation and e-liquid spitting into the mouth.
Overall, the experience has improved,
Motto did a good job with nicotine salt.
It gives up the ordinary 3% ratio, which is unique.
This time I give a thumb up to Motto.
Friends who were disappointed before shall come back and try again,
To see what is different.
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Motto pod vape

Motto pod vape review Motto pod vape review

Captain Dirty

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