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Approach MYSTLABS founder team – An entrepreneurial team with an average age of 39!

MYSTLABS is a laboratory founded by Xing Chenyue, a female scientist and inventor of nicotine salt, in partnership with friends.


MYSTLABS is an electronic cigarette brand hatched by Shenzhen Wuling Technology Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen Wuling Technology Co., Ltd. held its first new product launch on July 27, officially launching the world’s first electronic cigarette product “MYSTLABS P1” with push-pull concealed mouthpiece design, which gives us the first feeling that it is super, amazing, creative and bright. We dare not say that it has outraced the same kind of competitors, but it has succeeded in making a hit. It’s not only popular of the Wechat friend circle, but also attracts much attention.


In addition to the release of new products, the MYSTLABS ‘s behind-the-scenes founding team was first exposed. Its core members graduated from Stanford University, University of California, Nottingham Trent University and other world famous universities. The founder has many years of venture capital experience and has many successful cases in the world. The core team has many years of management experience in global well-known enterprises. Most of the team members come from the core positions of global well-known enterprises.

Chen Min, Co-founder and CEO of Wuling Technology
Chen Min, Co-founder and CEO of MYSTLABS

1. Chen Min, Co-founder (CEO) and CEO. Master of Management, Stanford Business School, has been the executive director of Superman Intelligence of Listed Companies in Hong Kong, chairman of Anzer Robot and general manager of Communication Intelligence Application Department of TCL Group.

Yao Xiaochao, Co-founder of Wuling Science and Technology
Yao Xiaochao, Co-founder of MYSTLABS

2. Yao Xiaochao, co-founder of the company, is a well-known investor in Silicon Valley. He took a fancy to MYSTLABS’ R&D ability and team strength and decided to join in, not only to invest money, but also to invest himself in the end.

Xing Chenyue, Chief Scientist of Wuling Science and Technology
Xing Chenyue, Chief Scientist of MYSTLABS

3. Xing Chenyue, co-founder and chief scientist, Doctor of Chemical Engineering, University of California. Xing Chenyue has been engaged in the research and development of respiratory drugs. He was a chief scientist in Juul. As the inventor of nicotine salt, his industry influence can not be underestimated.



4. Liu Yu, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Master of Multimedia Engineering, Nottingham Trent University. Successive president of BlackBerry China, former global general manager of TCL mobile phone and executive director of TCL of Shenzhen Stock Exchange Listed Company. Liu Yu has a deep supply chain integration resources, he led the production team to achieve the highest quality delivery target in the shortest time, which can be called “MYSTLABS Speed”.

In addition to the above four VIPs, there is industrial designer Haul Hao, who was co-founder of Gululu, CPO, consultant of China Tobacco Electronic Cigarette department, and former design director of IDEO Asia. Scott Tong, who is in charge of product and brand design, has been Vice President of Product Design before Pinterest, co-founder of IFTTT and former Director of Communication and Design of IDEO.MYSTLABS founder team

For a vape start-up company, the genes and entrepreneurial initiative of the behind-the-scenes team are not only the embodiment of design style, but also the embodiment of corporate social responsibility.

Yao Xiaochao, the co-founder of MYSTLABS, said that this is a business team with an average age of 39. “Although we have passed the age of energetic, we still have one cavity of enthusiasm. This enthusiasm does not seek overnight fame, but is dedicated to making a good electronic cigarette, which really solves the pain point of smokers. Many people think that the start-up in the field of electronic cigarettes is a 100-meter dash, but we believe that this is a marathon, we will persevere and keep moving forward, using medical-grade production standards to provide smokers with safe and reliable electronic cigarette products.

At the same time, Yao Xiaochao also revealed that because the target users of Happy Fog are mature smokers, they deliberately avoid using cool and trendy elements in design, but adopt a more stable design style in order to avoid attracting the attention of teenagers and non-smokers.


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