Buyer needs

Need al fakher 8000 puffs in Germany and Netherlands

“Hello i am interested in 2000 vapes from al fakher 8000 puffs. How much will the price be for this order? And it is safe to send it to Germany? ”

A buyer from Germany says.

“If I make the payment for 1000 vapes, when will the shipment arrive in the Netherlands? And do you have enough in stock? Please can you inform me with these quastions?”

A buyer from Netherlands says.

Recently, al fakher 8000 puffs is very popular in Europe, especially Germany and the Netherlands.


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1 month ago

Hi.Dear friend.I am Robin from Tsvape we supply for only wholesale shop or retailer store, distributer or OEM service in many countries in the world.I check you inquriy about AL FAKHER VAPE.This model out of stock and MOQ is too hight. I recommend our new product Elf Box Shisha 16000puffs have in stock.Low MOQ good price.If you need other brand that you can sent picture or brand model to me.More Information pls add my WhatsApp number.let is talking on WhatsApp +86 18577216180
Looking forward you relpy
Best Regards

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