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Need business cooperation with vape factory and manufacturers in Germany

“I am writing to introduce our new company, [Privacy Protection] , based in Germany. We operate in the vape industry and are currently seeking a reliable manufacturer for our vape devices.

After conducting extensive market research and evaluating various potential partners, we were impressed by your company’s reputation for high-quality manufacturing and exceptional product standards. We believe that a collaboration between our companies could be mutually beneficial and lead to great success in the vape market.

We are particularly interested in discussing the possibility of a business cooperation with your esteemed company. Our objective is to establish a long-term partnership, where we can work closely together to develop innovative vape devices that meet the evolving needs and preferences of our customers.

Additionally, we would greatly appreciate it if you could provide us with a pricing overview or an exposé detailing your pricing structure for manufacturing vape devices. This information would help us evaluate the feasibility and profitability of our potential collaboration.

We would be delighted to schedule a meeting or conference call at your convenience to further discuss the potential partnership. We are open to sharing our detailed business plan, discussing our marketing strategies, and exploring other areas where we can collaborate and add value to each other’s businesses.

Thank you for considering our proposal. We look forward to hearing from you and exploring the possibilities of a fruitful partnership.”

A buyer from Germany says.


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10 months ago

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Amy Tan
10 months ago

For more information on dispoable vapes, direct factory prices.
Range 600 – 7000 puffs.
Nicotine level 0% 2% 5%.
Please contact [email protected]

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