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Need customized disposable e-cigarett OEM in Sweden

“We are really looking for a serious contact in china that can help is provide the disposable pen and e-juice we want.

I have attached the e-cigarett model we are looking for and i have also wrote down the ingredients we want in this disposable e-cigarett.
Please carefully read this whole email before answering us.
This due to that we have been working on this for a long time now and been having contact with many different providers for weeks before they tell us they cant provide what we are looking for.
We really need to speed up this process now because we are almost in summer time in Sweden and we want to launch before summer.
The product must have the folliwing classifications. CE, SGS, RoHS, ISO
We want the e-cigarett to have 800 puffs.
We have 6 different flavours of the disposable pen we want. Please read all the ingredients carefully to see if you can provide it or not.
We are only looking for a manufacture who can provide pen + juice including own branding and boxing………”


A buy from Sweden says.


Leave a reply below or contact us to reach the buyer.

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10 days ago

That’s a great news for all vape lovers, but i have a best vape brands like Voopoo us.

Amy Tan
12 days ago

Please contact Simple International Ltd.
email: [email protected]

Abdullah Al Mamun
Abdullah Al Mamun
16 days ago

Huizhou Bubblemon Technology was founded in 2021. We are an automatic vapor manufacturer. The company has the leading independent R&D ability, equipped with automation equipment. We’ve become the TOP seller in Korea with the support of our valuable customers. Highest standard quality management system and cleanest production environment, we ensure product quality in line with international standards. We are committed to provide innovative and fashionable smoke reduction products, creating a safer public environment and creating a better future for the whole mankind.
I can show you our products catalog by WhatsApp & WeChat: +86-18840177240

Taein Kim
Taein Kim
22 days ago

We are Bubbelmon, who sell disposable and Pod-system vapes. We have been ranked 1st for 3 years in the Republic of Korea. Our firm has teamed up with Boton Group, which is located in Shenzhen and is a Top 10 flavored firm in China. In addition, also built an automatic plant in Huizhou and this year began to produce different and new vapes. The vice president, researchers and engineers are Koreans who can control the quality of products in China. Unlike Chinese brands like Relx or HQD, we do not produce our vapes by OEM, but have created our own production system for this brand. We can also supply our products at a low price. Relx, Elfbar, HQD produce their products with subcontractors. Our vapes differ from others in design, which are sold in this world, this will stimulate the desire of customers to buy. We hope to work with you in 2023. We can show you our catalog.
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