Buyer needs

Need unique design disposable in the UK

“I am contacting you from a rum company in the UK.

We are looking to have some disposable vapes made with a specific unique design and we’re hoping you could help us out with this.”

A buyer from the UK says.


Leave a reply below or contact us to reach the buyer.

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1 year ago

Hi, I need a company to manufacture a large quantity of vape pods similar style to bloody marry and I also need to print my brand on them If its something that can be done please reply to my comment.

11 months ago
Reply to  vapefrost

Hi sir, we are experienced manufacturer of vaping device since 2010. We OEM all kinds of vape, easy to talk since we have skillful Graphic designer to address all your issues. Kindly contact +86-13713135302

Abdullah Al Mamun
Abdullah Al Mamun
1 year ago

We are an automatic vapor manufacturer. The company has the leading independent R&D ability, equipped with automation equipment. We’ve become the TOP seller in Korea with the support of our valuable customers. Highest standard quality management system and cleanest production environment, we ensure product quality in line with international standards. We are committed to provide innovative and fashionable smoke reduction products, creating a safer public environment and creating a better future for the whole mankind.
I can show you our products catalog by WhatsApp+WeChat: +86-18840177240

1 year ago

hi, this is Eden from HYC. We are a manufacture specialized in disposable vape for more than 9 years. Our famous partners in this field include Elf bar,Innokin. Please feel free to contact us if you have interest. whatsapp:+86 15950511987

1 year ago

Contact me, source vape factory in China. Always meet your needs!

1 year ago

hi, this is Mira from JOMO, We have some unique styles for the European region, please feel free to contact us if you have interest. whatsapp:+86 155 8146 4279

Amy Tan
1 year ago

Please contact [email protected] for more information regarding disposable vapes.
Simple international Ltd.

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