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Need ELF BAR vape OEM manufacturers in Greece

“we need help in finding a quality product such as Elf Bar.We want to release the same quality product but under our own brand. Is it possible? ” A buyer in Greece says. “Ready to buy 20k pieces.”


Leave a reply below or contact us to reach the buyer.

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Luna vape
9 hours ago

Hello friend. We are vape manufacturers. Many well-known brands can be sold, as well as our new disposable vapes, which are better than elf sticks. We can support the best price to help expand your local market. Why not discuss it with them?

Welcome to contact +8615113445867

10 days ago

UTCO is an electronic cigarette manufacturer, we have our own factory, the best price, the best taste, the best quality, you can contact me and give you a satisfactory result. My contact information: whatsapp: +86 13528668631

1 month ago

hello i can supply you Elfbar.

1 month ago

KEYSTONE is a vape manufacturer from China, providing ODM and OEM Vape services for top vape brands.
We have very strong supply chain paltform and product technology.
We have cooperated with many first-line e-cigarette brands.
Our team members have been engaged in the electronic cigarette industry for over 10 years. Our core competitiveness is ID design, a robust supply chain, and cost control.
Looking forward to working with the brand;
Please check our website:

1 month ago

We are manufacture disposable vape products.I believe our price will be lower at least 10% than your current supplier for the same quality products Free samples and E-catalog will be provided if needed.
Email me or just call me directly to talk more
Thank you! 

John dickow
2 months ago

Skybar Vapor is a premium e-cigarette brand owned by SBC Technology U.S Based company . We built our reputation based on our high-quality devices including Disposable Vape and Pod Kit System. We commitment to making smoking healthier, by transitioning adults away from combustible cigarettes toward vaping products they can trust!

Abdullah AL Mamun
2 months ago

We are an automatic vapor manufacturer. The company has the leading independent R&D ability, equipped with automation equipment. We’ve become the TOP seller in Korea with the support of our valuable customers. Highest standard quality management system and cleanest production environment, we ensure product quality in line with international standards. We are committed to provide innovative and fashionable smoke reduction products, creating a safer public environment and creating a better future for the whole mankind.
I can show you our products catalog by what’s app (+86-13143621261).

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