Buyer needs

Need vapes for vape store network in Russia

“Hello, a small network of Vape stores called “xxx Market” writes to you, we have a network of 6 stores. And we would like to invite you to cooperate. We would like to sample some of your top selling items, if the boss says it’s great, we’ll order in bulk.”

A buyer from Russia says.


Leave a reply below or contact us to reach the buyer.

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Asya Shergina
7 months ago

My name is Asya and I represent the BecoVape brand, our brand already has ready-made solutions for the Russian market and we will be glad to demonstrate them to you.

Who we are
Specializing in premium-quality disposable and closed pod vaping systems, Beco is part of the vaping industry colossus First Union, the world’s leading e-cigarette manufacturer and the first vape company in history,established in 2004.

What we can offer
Beco offers world-class manufacturing, research & development and design systems infrastructure. Our entire process, from raw materials supply, to assembly, testing, packaging, warehousing and distribution conforms to UL, CE, PMTA, and ISO international standards.

Feel free to drop me an email or a message at WhatsApp : +86 186 8066 5231


10 months ago

Hello,lovely. Glad to hear that you are looking for cooperation. We are the right ones.
We are a manufacture specialized in disposable vape for more than 9 years. We also have new luanched 8 ml pod system.
I believe our products will help you expand your local market.

Any interest, pls feel free to contact me. whatsapp:+86 13035325206

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