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Need visiting electronic cigarette company in China for collaboration in Armenia

“I am writing to express my interest in importing electronic cigarettes to Armenia from your esteemed company. As a seasoned businessman with a keen eye for quality products, I have been following your company’s reputation for excellence in the electronic cigarette industry.


To gain a better understanding of your products and explore potential cooperation opportunities, I would like to visit your manufacturing facility in China. This visit would provide me with invaluable insights into your production processes, product range, and quality control measures. Additionally, it would give us the opportunity to discuss potential collaboration and distribution agreements.

I look forward to your positive response and the opportunity to visit your factory. Thank you for considering my proposal, and I am excited about the potential collaboration between our businesses.”

A buyer from Armenia says.


Leave a reply below or contact us to reach the buyer.

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Asya Shergina
7 months ago

My name is Asya and I represent the BecoVape brand, we will be glad to meet you in our company and will be happy to show you our 88,100 m2+ factory, as well provide insights into the latest trends in the industry, comprehensive information on how our products align with regulatory requirements, and offer expert advice for growing your business, including exclusive partnership opportunities with Beco.

Who we are
Specializing in premium-quality disposable and closed pod vaping systems, Beco is part of the vaping industry colossus First Union, the world’s leading e-cigarette manufacturer and the first vape company in history,established in 2004.

What we can offer
Beco offers world-class manufacturing, research & development and design systems infrastructure. Our entire process, from raw materials supply, to assembly, testing, packaging, warehousing and distribution conforms to UL, CE, PMTA, and ISO international standards.

Feel free to drop me an email or a message at WhatsApp : +86 186 8066 5231


7 months ago

please contact me by Email or Whatsapp +86 18276665712, our factory is in Shenzhen, we have oil, CBD vaporizer, battery, cartridges, disposable vape products, filling machine, related packages, branded products

Eric Wu
Eric Wu
9 months ago

Hi Boss, please contact me by Email or Whatsapp +86 13302938916, we are a professional vape supplier in Shenzhen, strong R&D ability for OEM/ODM projects. Also we are looking for brand distributor as well, Thank you.

Amy Tan
9 months ago

Please contact via email for more information

9 months ago

Hello,lovely. Glad to hear that you are on the market for disposable vape. We are the right ones.
We are a manufacture specialized in disposable vape for more than 9 years. Our famous partners in this field include Elf bar, Innokin, Zippo, Oxbar etc.
And I believe our products will help you expand your local market.
OEM and ODM is warmly welcomed.
Any interest, pls feel free to contact me. whatsapp:+8615950511987

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