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Speaking of pod mod market recently, only the word “booming” describes it exactly.
What I bring to you today is VEEGO POD MOD produced by NEVOKS.

NEVOKS VEEGO pod mod review

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Captain Dirty got the orange color.
The shape and color of the device are gorgeous,
While the adjustment position of the tank air hole for atomizing is a bit awkward,
The machine also specially made a groove to coordinate adjustment.
In fact, a hidable design would be better.

NEVOKS VEEGO pod mod review

NEVOKS VEEGO pod mod parameters/ specifications

The size of 99mm*30mm*18mm is just right,
The built-in battery capacity of 1100mAh is reasonable.
It meets daily needs without frequent charging.
The machine is equipped with a 5V/2A Type-C.
80g body weight is relatively light.
It won’t be heavy in the pocket in summer.
The match of color and back decorative panel is good looking.

NEVOKS VEEGO pod mod review NEVOKS VEEGO pod mod review

It comes with a power adjustment function of 5W-30W,
The adjustment button is on the side of the machine,
The display screen is more like cutting corners,
It uses a layer of flakes as a glass lens or a resin lens, which looks cheap.

NEVOKS VEEGO pod mod review

On the device coating,
The anodizing process is used.
But obviously lacks enough craftsmanship,
There are a lot of dark spots when you look up close, which is resulted by the thin coat.

NEVOKS VEEGO pod mod review

There are currently three types of atomizing cores,
1.0ohm SPL11-regular coil,
0.6ohm SPL11-mesh coil,
And the RBA Diy coil that needs to be purchased additionally.
As far as the author’s concerned, this machine would be more comprehensive with a high resistance heating core.

NEVOKS VEEGO pod mod review

NEVOKS VEEGO pod mod user experience

In terms of use, there is nothing to complain about.
Simple operation, novices can get started directly,
There is no problem with the battery for one day use.
Ignition feedback is fast, no delayed output.

0.6ohm heating core experience

Captain used the 3mg anti-riot force and 3mgVTC.
The overall taste is very rich,
The fruit flavor gives the best feedback by the anti-riot force,
The overall taste is consistent with the e-liquid description.
The performance of VTC is average here.
The richness and sweetness are very full.
However, fragrance is not enough.

NEVOKS VEEGO pod mod review

1.0ohm heating core experience

The use of e-liquid is 6mg Jago milk tea and 35mg cafe racer e-liquid.
Jago’s performance is generally skipped here.
Let’s get to the feeling of smoking nic salt.
The 1.0ohm core is obviously better than the 0.6 core.
The cotton is full and conductive.
The experience is very delicate and comfortable.
1.0ohm core is recommended to vape with.

NEVOKS VEEGO pod mod review


Generally speaking,
There are many details that need to be changed or upgraded for VEEGO POD MOD produced by NEVOKS.
In the same type of product,
Captain personally feel that the price is not competitive.
As to good experience,
It is the 1.0ohm core with excellent taste.
Captain didn’t get the RBA, so won’t talk about it for now.
Will share it later in the fans group.
Captain is looking forward to an improved VEEGO POD MOD in the future,
Because it looks pretty cool and good looking from the outside.
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy NEVOKS VEEGO pod mod


NEVOKS VEEGO pod mod design
NEVOKS VEEGO pod mod taste
NEVOKS VEEGO pod mod endurance
NEVOKS VEEGO pod mod price

NEVOKS VEEGO pod mod produces good taste with the 1.0ohm heating core. Friends who're intersted could take a try.

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3 years ago

They work great, I bought two .

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