New Honor Sets New Commitment: MOTI Will Bring More Better Products to Vapers

A wonderful night at Dubai World Trade Center

On the 19th, the 2022 Middle East & North Africa Vape Awards (MENA Awards) Ceremony was held in Dubai, UAE. The MENA Award is a global annual award in the industry presented by famous vape media, the most authoritative and influential media in the global electronic atomization industry. The MENA Awards celebrate the very best of the Middle East and North African vape industry. Recognizing all the incredible brands and innovators who keep pushing the vape industry forward in the Middle East and beyond. Companies around the world participate in the competition for the award, and the competition is very fierce.


MOTI Marketing staff said: “MOTI is honored to be recognized for innovation and advancement in vaping technology and design. Our technologies enable vape users to transition to e-cigarettes. A seamless transition with less harm. Customers continue to put their trust in our vaping products. We have currently deployed all components of disposable, pod systems, and advanced personal vaping products and are ready to provide users with more excellent products and services.”



The staff member added: “The company plans to develop different product matrices in different countries and regions, while there are products planned to be deployed locally or made according to customized customer requirements. Therefore, supporting multi-product operation and maintenance is important for most successful e-cigarette brands. Building a strong local market is critical. Multi-matrix product operations take our global product development strategy to a whole new level. Our solutions will seamlessly integrate with local realities for harm reduce solutions. The popularity of it provides greater flexibility.”


Bringing different vapers together is MOTI’s steady target in the industry development. Each of its products represents an attitude to life, allowing more people to join the MOTI family. They are the MOTIers. By presenting in different shows and exhibitions, MOTI reinforces its commitment to building a better vaping community. The concept of Vape smart and Vape Good is well-delivered to different vaper users all around the world.

We can see the brand philosophy from this Show, a legendary product that brings so many vape users together and forms a new vaping culture. Vape smart, and vape good. It is fair to say, that enjoy a DTL MOD vape experience with the cost of a POD MOD vape. MOTI X Mini, the most vaped-on device in the show has been popular since it was released.

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