Friday, April 3, 2020
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vvild vape CEO Luo Yonghao sold 110 million yuan groceries on TikTok in 3 hours
According to the news on April 3, vvild vape Luo Yonghao finished his first live show in Douyin(TikTok) at 11:00 on the evening of April 1. Although it was the first time Luo entered the live show room, he achieved good results. The three-hour sales exceeded 110 million yuan, and the cumulative number of viewers reached 48 million, and...
Canada allows e-cigarette stores to continue operating amid COVID 19
The Canadian government of Newfoundland and Labrador allows professional e-cigarette stores to continue operating under strict epidemic prevention measures. Allowing e-cigarette stores to operate under contactless protocols will prevent thousands of Newfoundland & Labrador e-cigarette users from being forced to re-smoke traditional cigarettes. The Canadian Vaping Association appreciated the move of the Canadian government.
Nicotine X by Mystlabs will be launched on April 8th, 2020
Good news, the new generation Nicotine X will be launched at 9 am, April 8th, 2020 both in Shenzhen, China & Silicon Valley, USA. This new nicotine X technology belongs to Myst Labs, whose founder is Xing Chenyue, the former chief scientist of Juul. Previously, Xing Chenyue invented nicotine salt technology, which started the popular pod vape era. With nicotine salt...
E-cigarette companies back to production report
In view of the special period of the epidemic, all industry-related conferences and exhibitions were canceled. In order to better serve member companies, help companies resume work and production, play a role in stabilizing the industry, unite all colleagues to develop in a group, and spend the epidemic period together, understand the resumption of production and production of e-cigarette...

Vaporesso Target PM80 review

Vaporesso Target PM80 review
Basic information The Target PM80 released by Vaporesso is a new comer different from pass Vaporesso vaping devices, has been called PODMOD device. As its name fits, it powers MOD performance with POD size. Hosed within internal 2000mAh battery deliver what you expect from single 18650 battery. It measures 102mm*33.4mm*24.8mm potable design yet sturdy quality inside, just creates extraordinary vaping...
Current situation of Shenzhen vape market amid COVID 19 pandemic
A few days ago, ECCOM's "Electronic Cigarette Business" column team visited Shenzhen Huaqiang North, which was titled "China's First Street of Electronics". There are more than 50,000 business merchants here, with as many as 200,000 employees, and the average daily transaction volume exceeds 1 billion. Data show that the average daily traffic is close to 400,000 person-times, and even...

Moti vape won Green Product Award

Moti vape won Green Product Award
The organizing committee of the German Green Product Award announced the results of the 2020 Green Product Award and Green Concept Award recently. The two new vapes independently developed by MOTI have passed multiple rounds of reviews. After competing with more than 1,000 entries from six continents, they won the official recommendation of the German Green Product Award. The...
Is there still a second spring in China vape industry?
How will China e-cigarette market go in 2020? Let's take a bold prediction. Market demand has been proven Whether online or offline, the hot sales of e-cigarettes have fully proved the real market demand for e-cigarettes and the pursuit of new things by Chinese people. Compared to some smokers, e-cigarettes do have a addiction relief effect. And the health degree of qualified...

ALD B2 series disposable vape for local filling

ALD B2 series disposable vape for local filling
With the ban of JUULPOD, disposable vape pen brands such as PUFFBAR  POSH STIG are rapidly admired by consumers. Rich flavors, easy-to-use designs, and low prices have become the biggest advantages of this type of product. At the same time, larger battery lasting and larger E-liquid capacity is also about to become a new consumer trend. With the special...
How CBD Helps Seniors in Their Everyday Living
As more states legalize marijuana usage, cannabis products become increasingly common. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one such product. CBD may be a compound of the cannabis plant that gives therapeutic properties without the psychoactive “high” typically related to cannabis use. CBD products are available in many various forms, including oral tinctures, gummies, and topical creams. Most of the States that...


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