Next Vape KIIK features ISOFLUX nicotine delivery technology

Shenzhen Next Vape (Technology) Co. Ltd. is a Sino-Foreign JV established to carry out fundamental research and development of next generation Liquid Vapor Products, in particular mouth-to-lung vaporizers. The Founder of Next Vape, Hitesh Dubey, is a post-graduate from No.1 technology university in India (IIT Madras) and carries with him over 13 years of experience in tobacco and vaping industry.

Next Vape’s young team dreams to advance the vapour industry to the next level and thereby, make a positive difference in the lives of world’s billion smokers. The design and development efforts at Next Vape are focussed towards enhancing nicotine satisfaction and delivery consistency by following an integrated approach of hardware-liquid system. With thousands of lab experiments and subsequent focussed group consumer interactions, Next Vape carriers a profound understanding of design parameters and its impact on product performance and consumer satisfaction.Next Vape KIIK features ISOFLUX

Next Vape owns patented ISOFLUXTM technology, which consistently delivers high nicotine satisfaction at low nicotine concentrations. The term ISOFLUXTM is a portmanteau homonym with following meanings:

  1. “Isolated Flux” referring to independent flow of liquid and air. During a puff, as the liquid gets consumed through the wick, the air simultaneously enters into the pod via a separate member.
  2. “Isos Flux” referring to equal or consistent flow of liquid to the wick throughout the usage of the pod.

Next Vape KIIK features ISOFLUX

Indeed, Next Vape is one of the most promising and exciting players in vapour products industry through its emerging pod-system brand KIIKTM.



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