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Desen Biotechnology is one of the earliest brands to make e-liquid, and it is also the first brand to make mint cold e-liquid. Previous “Big P” or “Alchemy” &”Alien” are all well-known e-liquid. At the same time, they provide raw materials and production for major brands, which shows their strong strength. The latest version of the E.T device recently produced is also well received by vapers. So what the DirtyCheck brings to you today is the compound fruit-flavored nicotine salt smoke oil, Nicoshu by Desen.

Nicoshu Nicotine Salt E-JUICE Review

Product Introduction

Nicoshu is a series of nicotine salt e-liquid products specially launched for pod systems. Compared with the common single-flavor nic salt e-liquid, Nicoshu’s four e-liquids are all compound flavors and have more complex layer experience, let’s take a look at their actual performance. The nicotine content of the four nic salt e-liquids is 30mg, the VG content is 50%, and the capacity is 30ml.

Nicoshu Nicotine Salt E-JUICE Review

Product Flavor


When the sweet peach aroma meets the fresh tea aroma, users can taste the fusion aroma produced by the collision of sweetness and bitterness in Peachtea. Among them, the peach occupies the dominant flavor, and the tea aroma of green tea is hidden behind, adding a refreshing feeling to the e-liquid as a whole. Juicy peach has a high fidelity, sweetness can be easily perceived, but it will not produce a greasy feeling. The flavor of green tea mainly highlights the aroma of tea, but the bitterness is not obvious.

Grape tea

Compared to the base setting of peachtea with peach as the main, tea leaf as the supplement, the tea aroma in Grapetea is significantly enlarged, forming a 50-50 balance with the aroma of grapes. Among them, the sweetness of grapes has been reduced, and more prominent is the fruity aroma from grapes. The fragrance and greenness of the tea in the e-liquid have been amplified. If you like tea flavored vape juice, this Grapetea may be better to your taste than Peachtea. The moderate cooling taste is also added to the e-juice, which is more suitable for users in summer.

Banana greensalt

Bananagreensalt is prone to be a pure banana flavore than a mixed flavor of banana and green tea. Inside it, the taste of ripe bananas is rich with a slight sweetness. With moderate cooling, it will bring users a comfortable throat experience. The aroma of green tea in the e-liquid is not easy to perceive, but it has a hint of tea aroma when the vapor exhaled, which is easy to ignore.

Coconut yogurt

The combination of coconut and yogurt is not common in current popluar e-liquids. Nicoshu’s Coconutyogurt has its own unique features. When the vapor enters the throat, users can taste the rich aroma of coconut milk and the milky scent of yogurt blent together, with a slight of coolness. It makes the originally sweet and fragrant e-liquid more refreshing. The flavors of coconut and yogurt in the e-liquid are pure, and have an excellent balance, and the various flavors do not cover each other. When you try this e-liquid for the first time, you may have some doubts about its taste. Once you are familiar with it, you can experience the wonderfulness of this Coconutyogurt. Although it may not be a taste suitable for everyone, it is undeniable that it is a high-quality vape juice.

Nicoshu Nicotine Salt E-JUICE Review


In general, the four Nicoshu e-liquid give users a rich and colorful taste journey. All four e-liquid adopt a compound flavor. Except for the banana flavor among banana green salts, the remaining three e-liquids are all in balance and have excellent performance. If you are tired of other single, boring nicotine salt e-liquid, then these four Nicoshu salt e-liquids are an interesting option.

Where to buy Nicoshu Nicotine Salt E-juice:Contact TureVape Studio

Nicoshu Nicotine Salt E-JUICE Reviewtruetoy vape how we roll all in truetoy

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