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Nicotine Salts – The Definitive Guide To Alternate Smoking

In the past few years, the vaping industry has ushered a newfound hope as potent smoking alternatives.

Together with vaping juice and e-cigarettes, nicotine salts present a delightful option to consider. 

Especially for all those, who are looking to cut down on their excessive smoking habit. And it only makes sense to be aware of the different vaping choices that you have. 

This guide is intended to do the same, and keep you abreast of nicotine salts as one of the major vaping products gaining an edge.


Traditional Smoking And Its Unavoidable Health Impact 

Whether you smoke casually or heavily, there is simply no denying the significant and detrimental aftermath on your health. 

In the majority of cases, it is the presence of chemicals and additives like formaldehyde and arsenic that is responsible for the damage. 

In comparison, when you are vaping a product like nicotine salts, you are not inhaling any harmful chemicals. Also, nicotine salts are known for their fast and long-lasting effect which in turn shall help you keep a leash on your cravings, nice and easy. 

While you vape to cut down or quit cigarettes, you invariably develop a much easier breathing process, enhance your immunity, and in the process boost your life expectancy.


Strength And Absorption 

Nicotine salts, compared to freebase e-liquids guarantee a much stronger hit and are readily available in high strengths. 

In other words, it means one doesn’t have to vape now and then and might need a shot or two to push an equal volume of nicotine that satisfies your cravings. 

If you are a vaper who prefers more stealth experience over cloud chasing, nicotine salts might just be the stuff you need. 


Choice Of Device Matters 


The choice of the device while vaping with nicotine salts is a necessary consideration. 

Nicotine slats are never recommended to be used on powerful vaping devices. This is chiefly because when the nicotine salts in higher concentration combine with the power of the device, it can make way for a rather powerful hit which can be irritating or overwhelming for many. 


Thus, if you are using a device that’s seemingly one of the best models in the market, you might as well stick to using e-liquids. However, if you are using a vape pen or similar devices, nicotine salts can be the right fit. 


Additionally, the other USP of nicotine salts over other vaping products is its supreme ability to be used across both open and closed systems. Among the two systems, the latter is a more convenient choice as it does not require one to refill systems with e liquids. In other words, no mess guaranteed. 

Also, the closed system devices are uniquely designed to be portable, and thus can be carried anywhere tucked smartly in your pocket. 

Undeniably, nicotine salts are increasingly getting popular in the vaping world. Nevertheless, you always make a point to buy products from a reputed brand selling the best nicotine vape juice NZ


Any trusted seller not only offers the best quality nicotine vape juice, but also offers a wide gamut of choices to choose from that include exciting flavors like fruits, cola, menthol, and much more.


Even though vaping has gained quite a bit of reputation for itself, there are still some public places where vaping smoke clouds are an object of criticism. In such scenarios, nicotine salts used in devices with low watt can come in real handy to satisfy your cravings, now and then, and help keep a low profile.


So, if you haven’t tried nicotine salts yet, it’s time to get some right away!

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