OAT Drips Milk cereal e-liquid review – DirtyCheck No.166

In IECIE 2021, we collected a lot of information,
Including the atomizer with an amazing taste, and the AIO device that was popular this year, etc.
We’ll give everyone a good recommendation in the subsequent reviews.
Today we will talk about an IECIE2021 popular product,
OAT Drips series jointly launched by JVS and STEAM QUEEN JUICE.

OAT Drips Milk cereal e-liquid

This OAT Drips series actually comes with three flavors.
And we’ll talk about one of the most popular flavors, Milk Cereal.

OAT Drips Milk cereal e-liquid

OAT Drips Milk cereal e-liquid parameters

Flavor: Milk cereal
Ratio: VG70: PG30
Nicotine content: 3mg/ 6mg
Capacity: 100mL
Place of production: Malaysia

OAT Drips Milk cereal e-liquid

User experience on OAT Drips Milk cereal e-liquid

Open the big bottle cap, there is a strong milk aroma, together with the unique aroma of oatmeal.
For dessert lovers, it is a very temptation.
The sweet feeling surrounds the whole room at the moment of exhalation, the fragrance is compelling.

OAT Drips Milk cereal e-liquid

First of all, I don’t like the e-liquid produced in Malaysia.,
Although some series produced in Malaysia in the past two years have been well received.
There are few e-liquids that meet my high standards.
But this OAT Drips Milk cereal seems to have a unique appeal to me.
Feel it as a whole, whether it’s e-juice quality or fragrance, or the overall experience,
It’s very harmonious and comfortable, and I fall in deep love with it.
But this e-liquid is relatively sweet overall, it can even be said to be too sweet.

OAT Drips Milk cereal e-liquid

The device that I can recommend is the sweet-reducing RTA atomizer,
For example Flash 4.5sRTA, Pioneer RTA.
Heating coil aspect, it is not recommended to use a double coil, twisted coil or Clapton.
The most suitable is the loose 26ga ni70.
Whether it is vaping, sweetness reduction, or subsequent carbon deposits are very considerable.


This Milk Cereal flavor, which is jointly launched by JVS and STEAM QUEEN JUICE in the OAT Drips series, brings me enough surprises.
The feeling of e-liquid quality should be the most intuitive, very silky. I still used 6mg to experience it, and there is no feeling of discomfort.
Secondly, the feedback on taste is very intuitive and like drinking Milk cereal.
Of course, there are some shortcomings, that is, it is a bit too sweet. For dessert lovers like me, it’s even a little sweet. Friends who want to experience must follow some of the suggestions mentioned above to avoid bad feelings and realize a very reasonable experience.
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy OAT Drips Milk cereal e-liquid @$13

OAT Drips Milk cereal e-liquid quality
OAT Drips Milk cereal e-liquid flavor
OAT Drips Milk cereal e-liquid taste
OAT Drips Milk cereal e-liquid ingredient

The OAT Drips Milk cereal e-liquid feels silky and comfortable, while too sweet.

User Rating: 4.65 ( 1 votes)

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1 year ago

This product from Indonesia, not malaysia

1 year ago

Actually JVS & Steam Queen Juice are from Indonesia. JVS = Jakarta Vapor Shop.

1 year ago
Reply to  Toleot

Thanks for sharing.

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