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Open vs. Closed Vaping Systems: What’s the Difference?

The debate about open vs. closed systems will continue forever within the vaping community, and that’s because there is no single type of vaping device that’s best for everyone; there is only what’s best for you. It’s hard to know what the best type of vaping device for you is, though, if you’ve never vaped before – and that’s where this article is going to help.

The difference between open and closed vaping systems is that open vaping systems are designed for refilling. An open system includes an empty tank, and you’ll fill the tank yourself with bottled e-liquid.

A closed vaping system, on the other hand, is a proprietary e-cigarette that works only with pre-filled pods, cartridges or tanks designed specifically for that device. When a pod or cartridge is empty, you’ll discard it and begin using another one.

As you can probably imagine, open and closed vaping devices both have their own sets of benefits and drawbacks. Reading this article, you’re going to learn how open vs. closed vaping systems compare. Whether the device that you’re searching for is going to be your very first vape – or you’re already using a closed vaping device and want to know whether you should switch to an open device – we’re going to make sure that you visit Simply E Liquid or another vape shop armed with the knowledge necessary to ensure that you end up with the right product for your needs.

What Are the Benefits of Open Vaping Systems?

In a nutshell: You should buy an open vaping system if you want a device that gives you freedom, flexibility and affordability.

Widest Possible Flavor Selection

The biggest benefit of an open vaping system is that it allows you to use any e-liquid flavor you like. All closed vaping systems suffer from the same shortcoming in that no closed system offers more than about 8-10 different flavors. That’s a pretty small selection when you consider that there are many hundreds of different bottled e-liquid flavors on the market today. Having the ability to use any flavor you want means it’s guaranteed that you’ll be able to find something perfect for your personal taste.

Least Expensive Way to Vape

The next major benefit of using an open vaping system is that it’s a much cheaper way to vape compared to using a closed system. That’s because bottled e-liquids are significantly less expensive than pre-filled pods or cartridges on a per-day basis. A pack of four pods for an e-cigarette like JUUL, for example, costs about the same as a bottle of nicotine salt e-liquid – and the difference in the amount of e-liquid that you get for the money is massive. Four JUUL pods contain a total of 2.8 ml of e-liquid. Nicotine salt e-liquid, meanwhile, usually comes in 30 ml bottles in nations that don’t limit e-liquid bottle sizes.

Better Overall Vaping Experience

An open vaping system will almost always give you the best overall vaping experience because an open device usually has higher-quality hardware than a closed device. Open vaping devices usually have tanks made from glass rather than plastic and use wicks made from organic cotton rather than silica. Since they’re a bit larger than closed devices, they have bigger atomizer coils and higher-capacity battery cells. Compared to a closed vaping device, an open device gives you better flavor and bigger vapor clouds while lasting longer on a battery charge.

Greater Variety of Nicotine Strengths

When you first start vaping, it’s likely that you’re going to want to use an e-liquid with a very high nicotine strength. The higher the nicotine strength is, the closer your nicotine intake per puff will be to what you’d get when smoking a cigarette. Once you’ve switched fully to vaping and no longer crave cigarettes at all, though, you might want to start dialing your nicotine intake back a bit. When you use an open vaping device and buy your e-liquid by the bottle, you have access to every nicotine strength on the market and can reduce your nicotine intake as slowly as you like. With a closed system, on the other hand, you’re lucky if your device has more than one nicotine strength available.

What Are the Benefits of Closed Vaping Systems?

In a nutshell: You should buy a closed vaping system if you want a device that gives you convenience, simplicity and the closest possible resemblance to cigarette smoking.

Easiest Vaping Devices to Use

The biggest benefit of closed vaping systems is that they’re the simplest vaping devices on the market. If you want a vaping device that just works – something that doesn’t require any maintenance or tweaking – a closed vaping device is probably what you want. When you use a closed system, all that you need to do is charge the battery when it’s dead and replace the pod or cartridge when it’s empty. Otherwise, you’ll just puff on the device when you want to vape. Although many long-term vapers eventually switch to open vaping devices for the superior vaping experience and wider variety of flavors, almost everyone starts with closed systems.

Small, Light and Discreet

Closed systems are generally the smallest and lightest vaping devices on the market. They’re also extremely sleek and fashionable. If you want to buy a vaping device that’s going to draw eyes and is certain to be a conversation starter, you will definitely love the way that the latest closed vaping systems look. A closed system is also great, though, when you don’t want to draw attention. You can typically close your entire hand around a closed vaping device, making it the most discreet type of vaping device on the market.

Closest Vaping Experience to a Cigarette

Although no vaping device feels precisely the same as smoking a cigarette, you’re going to get closest to the experience of smoking with a closed vaping system. Some closed vaping devices are small enough to hold between two fingers like a cigarette, and a closed vaping system will have the tight airflow characteristics necessary to provide a great mouth-to-lung inhaling experience. Combine those features with a high-nicotine e-liquid, and you’re going to find a closed vaping system surprisingly similar to smoking.

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