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More and more pod vapes have appeared recently, whether it is the name of the pod vape brand or high tech e-cigarettes. Today we come to talk about the pod vape OVVIO X2. How is this new pod vape, let’s start now.

OVVIO X2 product introduction

The selling point of OVVIO is that X2 pod has higher atomization efficiency, purer taste and more perfect user experience than similar products.

OVVIO X2 starter kit content

Obviously, the simple kit is more suitable for the fast-consuming route, which is convenient and simple for users.

The material of aluminum alloy also brings lightness to the device.

OVVIO X2 pod vape review

There are 6 flavors of pods, the best ones are ice tobacco and red ice grapefruit.

OVVIO X2 pod vape review

Let me talk about the pods, which is pretty good.

Its cartridge is equipped with a ceramic core from μKERA Technology.

μKERA Technology Introduction:
Juwei Group is its owner. Joyetech, eLeaf, WISMEC and other well-known electronic cigarette brands are all under the group.

OVVIO X2 pod vape review

This technology is based on ceramic precision manufacturing process, micron-level heating and simulation design technology, and has been developed to CORE X5 on the core.
Compared to cotton, heating wire and other ceramic heating elements, electronic cigarette brand OVVIO said that μKERA has the following technical advantages in various performances:
1. The use of more stable and biocompatible precious metal heating materials is safe and reliable;
2. The purer microporous structure makes the transportation of e-liquid smoother and more efficient;
3. The ceramic core with better mechanical strength overcomes the problem of ceramic powder falling on the market and achieves dust-free atomization;
4. Using advanced finite element simulation design, the atomization core designed and developed by μKERATM has higher stability and atomization efficiency.
It is understood that μKERA is a brand-new ceramic atomization solution specifically for pod products. Only through strict design and development and high-quality production of pod vape products, will be authorized to apply μKERA atomization technology, and will have a striking “Powered by μKERA” logo printed on the product to represent the most advanced electronic cigarette technology certification.

OVVIO X2 pod vape review

Although OVVIO X2 is a product of the group for OEM, the atomization effect and taste of its pods are still good. The only flaw is that one of the cartridges owned by Captain Dirty is broken, so the brand still has to pay attention to quality control.

Where to buy OVVIO X2 starter kit @$11.99 @vapesourcing

Where to buy OVVIO X2 pods @$8.99 @ vapesourcing

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OVVIO X2 Apperance
OVVIO X2 User Experience
OVVIO X2 Technology
OVVIO X2 Price

OVVIO X2 atomization effect and taste of its pods are good, while its quality control needs to be improved.

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