OZ Drip Strawberry Milk Cookies review – DirtyCheck No.23

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Yes, I’m also wondering why No. 22 is lost. It’s like this. There’s something forcing me to drop it. So I’m sorry. In order to keep updating, Captain Dirty has to go over No. 22 and directly to No. 23, so that everyone won’t be so bored.

Brand introduction

In fact, today’s review is an old e-liquid. Why should we suddenly review this e-liquid? It must be reasonable.

Recently, my friends are playing with MTL vape juice atomizer, and looking for some good flavor and a good level of vape juice.

So, I think of OZ Drip strawberry milk cookie flavored vape juice that was not sold in China before.

OZ Drip is from an Australian company specializing in the development of vape juice. Most of the raw materials of vape juice come from Australia. Its nicotine can meet the United States (USP) medical standard. Overseas products are bottled in foreign countries. It’s not like some foreign products are bottled in China (because our cost is really low in China). You basically know that.

DirtyCheck No.23 OZ Drip Strawberry Milk Cookies

Product parameters:

⊙ Manufacturer: OZdrips

⊙ Product Name: the essential classic

⊙ Flavor: Strawberry cookie custard

⊙ Origin: Australia

⊙ Capacity: 60ml

⊙ Concentration: 60vg / 40pg

⊙ Nicotine content: 0mg, 3mg, 4mg

DirtyCheck No.23 OZ Drip Strawberry Milk Cookies

Taste Description:

Direct to lung reference data

Atomizer: Asvape Cobra RDA

Device: mage mechanical box

Heating wire: 2-core Clapton 0.45ohm

Feeling: it’s full-bodied on the whole. The milk fragrance of strawberry and the milk fragrance of intervention make the whole breath smooth. The harmony of cookies makes the whole process sweeter. The only regret is that the lung can not feel the fruit acid of strawberry. But the overall feeling is very good.

DirtyCheck No.23 OZ Drip Strawberry Milk Cookies

Vaping reference data

Atomizer: Precisio RTA

Equipment: mage mechanical box

Heating wire: Ni80 heating wire 0.94ohm

Feeling: the performance of Mouth to Lung is better than that of Direct to Lung, because the fruit acid has a sense of substitution during the whole inhalation, and the level has a very reasonable distribution. The fruit acid brought in by cream and milk appears that this e-liquid is not so sweet and greasy. The introduction of cookies is very delicate, or the cookies and milk taste are combinated in one. Captain Dirty fall in love with it.

DirtyCheck No.23 OZ Drip Strawberry Milk Cookies


Now in a special period in China, when e-cigarettes are at the most difficult time, and when everyone is looking for the best taste and exquisite device, you can try this kind of vape juice from Australia.

Vape how we Roll,All in Truetoy

I’m Captain Dirty. See you next time

Where to buy OZ drip

DirtyCheck No.23 OZ Drip Strawberry Milk Cookies

DirtyCheck No.23 OZ Drip Strawberry Milk Cookies

Captain Dirty

Captain Dirty Ciao, an independent reviewer in the active vaping circle. The brands he has cooperated with include ASVAPE、OZside、ASMODUS、BDVAPE、FlashHeart…… Rap-style slogan: "Vape how we roll, all in Truetoy." [Email: [email protected] Wechat account: CiaoHeung Instagram: captaindirty.vape] DISCLAIMER Captain Dirty
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