PAX Plus Vaporizer

Discrete Dry Herb and Solid Concentrate Vaporizer

About the PAX Plus

The PAX Plus vaporizer is the perfect discreet and portable dry herb or solid concentrate device. With a slim and compact design, this vaporizer fits comfortably in your hand and pocket. It offers an impressive 10-year limited warranty, so you can enjoy long lasting enjoyment with peace of mind. The PAX Plus has a powerful 3000mAh battery that will last up to two hours on a single charge, offering more than enough time for extended sessions.

The PAX Plus comes with all the necessary accessories to get you started: A flat and raised mouthpiece, standard and half-pack oven lids, multi-tool, concentrate insert, and a PAX Premium Maintenance Kit. Both the standard and half-pack oven lids will adjust your bowl size depending on the amount of material your session requires.

PAX PLUS Closeup
PAX PLUS Closeup

Temperature Modes

The PAX Plus features four preset temperature settings that allow you to switch between the following modes:

  • Stealth Mode (1 lit petal) – which prevents excessive odor
  • Efficiency Mode (2 lit petals) – for slow, relaxed sessions
  • Flavor Mode (3 lit petals) – which emphasizes flavor extraction
  • Boost Mode (4 lit petals) – maintains heat between hits for fast and strong session results.


Cleaning is simple with the redesigned multi-tool and included brush that make cleaning quick, easy and hassle free thanks to its 3D oven screen which is easier to remove than ever before. The PAX Plus also includes Boost Mode and Stealth Mode—perfect for enjoying discreet hits while maintaining the highest quality flavor possible.

PAX Plus and Accessories
PAX Plus and Accessories


  • Height: 3.85 in / 9.8 cm
  • Width: 1.22 in / 3.2cm
  • Depth: .86 in / 2.2 cm
  • Battery: 3000mAh
  • Temperature Settings: 4
  • Charging Dock: USB
  •  Warranty: 10 Years

Accessories Included

  • Flat & Raised Mouthpiece
  • Oven Lid
  • Half-Pack Oven Lid
  • Concentrate Insert
  • Multi-Tool (New)
  • PAX Premium Maintenance Kit
  • Charge Cable

Why the Pax Plus

The PAX Plus vaporizer is an innovative and easy-to-use device that offers a great way to enjoy full flower and concentrate sessions. Its 3000mAh battery, four preset temperature settings, USB charging dock, 10 year limited warranty make it the perfect portable option for those looking for a discreet vaping experience with no smoke or odors. Whether you’re looking for fast strong sessions in Boost mode or relaxed efficiency sessions in Efficiency mode, the PAX Plus has something to offer everyone who wants to enjoy flavorful clouds of vapor on their own terms. With its range of features and accessories included straight out of the box, this vape will provide hours upon hours of enjoyment with minimal maintenance required.

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