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Pro Tips For Disposable Brand – Esco Bars

Think of vaping; the first thing that pops up in our mind is vape pens. These vaping devices come in various forms and flavors, making the experience all the more exciting.


However, choosing a vape pen best suited for you can be tricky, given the numerous options available in the market. So, to make this easier, Esco Bars offers a wide variety of flavor options on their disposable vape pens to choose from.


Here we’ll highlight the pro tips for buying the right vape from Esco Bars and using it rightly for an enhanced vaping experience. So, let’s get started.


Types of Vape Pens offered by Esco Bars


Before diving into vaping and how it works, let us first understand the different types of vape pens available at Esco Bars.


1. Disposables

Esco’s disposables are vape pens containing pre-filled e-juice or liquid in pod cartridges. These cannot be refilled. Moreover, the battery and coil are non-removable. Hence, this type of vape pen is highly recommended for beginners.


2. Vape Pens


These are typically cylindrical and are one of the most preferred vaping devices. Both low-level and high-level nicotine options are available here. Furthermore, the tank is refillable and removable, unlike disposables.

3. Pod Mod Kits

It is a good choice if you wish to take things up a notch. These vaping devices from Esco usually come with a tank or pod cartridge. A small screen that displays various options is suitable for those with a sufficient vaping experience.


4. Pod Systems

These are similar to vape pens but with modern features. Rechargeable and refillable, these are handy. These devices usually have two options – ’Button-based’ and ‘Inhalation-based’ activation. Besides, their airflow can be either Mouth to Lung (MTL) or Direct to Lung (DTL).


Pro Tips to Choose and Use Escos Disposable Vape Pen


Here are some tips to consider for making the right choice and having a great vaping experience with Esco Bars’ disposable vapes.


1. Select the Right Vaping Device

Be it conventional Esco vape pens or disposables, choose what suits you the best. Then, get an idea about how to use it beforehand to kickstart with a great first experience.


A gradual upgrade in the type of device is always suggested. However, a leap of faith in the complicated, sophisticated devices may lead to a not-so-great first experience.


2. Look Into the Functionality and Activation of the Vape


Know how the device functions. For instance, Esco’s disposable vape pens come with fixed tanks. But some users may try to dismantle or detach this, disrupting the device. If heated, it may cause injuries too.


Also, Esco’s disposable vaping devices come with various activation modes, be it at a flick of a button or upon inhaling. You need to identify the activation method to avoid damaging the device.


3. Moderate Your Inhalation


Do not give in to the adrenaline rush of taking a hurried puff! Instead, inhale the vapor steadily. It not only helps activate the device’s battery but also helps you slowly experience the hotchpotch of Esco vape flavors like Fiji Melons Ice, Strawnanners Ice, Tropical Rainbow Blast, etc.


Besides, quick puffs can leave one feeling lightheaded, especially for beginners. If these puffs hit deep, it can cause temporary discomfort too.


4. Store Your Device Properly

Like other vaping devices, Esco’s disposable devices also need an optimum environment to be stored in. Proper storage becomes all the more important with components like mesh coils and batteries.


So, to preserve the durability and longevity of the device, store it in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunshine or any kind of dampness around your device.




Esco’s disposable vape pens are rapidly gaining people’s attention across the globe. The chic design, great flavors, and economical price make them a popular e-cigarette option for numerous users.

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